Dokev Pok mon challenger is changing to the Open World

Among other things, the various titles with which Nintendos legendary Pokémon series is challenged is Dokev.

Dokev arises with the Black Desert makers from Pearl Abyss and should first understand himself as a classic MMO. As the South Korean studio announced on the occasion of the Opening Night Live events for Gamescom 2021 yesterday’s Wednesday evening, the developers decided to revise the game design again and Dokev from an MMO to an open-world Convert Adventure. However, nothing changed at the basic game concept.

An open world full of mysterious creatures

In Dokev you take control of a childlike character and explores a game world that is dominated by the the company listed giant corporation and its robots. To the peculiarity of said robots belongs the fact that their Ki chips are operated with captured ghosts that bear the name Dukebi. Here we have mysterious creatures that are inspired by the Korean folklore.

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In the world of Dokev, only a few people are about the necessary senses to perceive the documentary bees. Your character has this ability and is able to capture and train the dokebi. In addition to collecting the dukebi is waiting in dokev side tasks such as fishing or the degradation of resources.

A detailed view of the new plant from Pearl Abyss allows you to enable the freshly published gameplay trailer. Dokev appears 2022 for the PC and non-related consoles.

Further messages to Dokev.

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