FIFA 21 SBC Anthony Martial Futties Discover the requirements

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EA Sports has announced that the SBC lets you unlock the FUTTIES version of Anthony Martial for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team mode .

The FIFA Mode Season 21 Ultimate Team has been fantastic and full of events, from the Letters of Ones to Watch to Future Stars and the Futball Festival recently concluded. To celebrate the Year of FUT 21, come back the Futies! This promotion celebrates the best of FUT 21, in addition to adding new content to improve your squadrons.

Card can redeem the French striker who plays for Manchester United completing the creation Challenge squads available FUT.

Requirements SBC Anthony Martial FUTTIES

Pink gold

  • Minimum players 11: Gold
  • Understanding minimum equipment: 30

rare pink gold

  • Min. Players Gold
  • Min.11 players: Rare
  • Understanding minimum equipment: 30

80 rated Rosa

  • Minimum team rating: 80
  • Understanding minimum equipment: 80

81 rated Rosa

  • Minimum team rating: 81
  • Understanding minimum equipment: 80

82 rated Rosa

  • Minimum team rating: 82
  • Understanding minimum equipment: 75

tactic Emulation

  • Min.1 player (s): Manchester United
  • Players 1 Min. TOTW or TOTS
  • Minimum team rating: 84
  • Understanding minimum equipment: 75

Premier league

  • Min.1 player (s): Premier League
  • Minimum team rating: 85
  • Understanding minimum equipment: 70


  • Min.1 player (s) from: France
  • Players 1 Min. TOTW or TOTS
  • Minimum team rating: 86
  • Understanding minimum equipment: 65

#### general and official statistics ***** Anthony Martial * **** ** FUTTIES

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