New Open World Adventure Dokev is made for Pok mon

Genre: Action Adventure | Developer: Pearl Abyss | Platform: PC & consoles | Release: No indication

The Cute Open World Adventure Dokev today showed a new trailer at the Opening Night Live as part of GamesCom and was ready for us to answer some questions. Meinmommo shows you a first look at the beautiful world with many monsters to collect and let the creators explain what is behind the game.

* This awaits you at Dokev: * The new Action Adventure Dokev takes you into a world full of monsters called Delfybi. These cheeky living beings are manifested dreams of unfulfilled wish and help people in which they donate strength and confidence.

For the game this means: You explores a colorful, cheerful Open World and friendly to you with Necklian monsters that support you in the fight. The focus is on exploring the world, discovering and find new friends and collecting the documentebi. The developers emphasize that Dokev could bring parents and children together, because it should be child-friendly, but may also be demanding.

Dokev Gameplay Trailer from Gamescom 2021

In the fresh gameplay trailer you can make an impression of Quitsch-Knuddfeligen Dokev:

Meinmmo could lead an interview with the developers of Pearl Abyss and we show you what is behind the cute documentarybi and why it’s not just another Pokémon MMO.

Chef speaks in the interview about unique experience for the whole family

Who speaks in the interview? In our written interview with heads behind Dokev from the developer and Publisher Pearl Abyss answered us 3 responsible persons:

  • DAIL KIM – Executive Producer and Founder of Pearl Abyss
  • Sangyoung Kim Lead Producer
  • Changkee Nam – Game Designer

Are there any games that have injected you to create Dokev?

DAIL KIM : Dokev emerged from the desire to create a unique experience for the whole family. In Korean culture, there are creatures called Dokebi, which are related to spirit, which occur in old Korean fairy tales. From this we have derived both our inspiration and the name of our game.

Sangyoung Kim : We have been inspired by natural phenomena of the real world that bring people to amazement, such as wind pants or rain falling from cloudless sky. Why do these things happen? What happens in the funnel of a wind swose?

The curiosity in this kind of phenomena expresses itself in the game in a way where you can ask yourself if it was a documentary, who did something in the wind pants funnel. Instead of games we were inspired by various cultural content and daily life, of which we were deeply impressed.

The vacuum cleaner-like thing that you have seen in the trailer was a kind of trailing to Ghostbusters we’d like to have seen. We are inspired by many things, especially from our daily life, such as our daily path to work and the time we spend with our children. Personally, I get animation ideas by watching the actions of my daughter and movements.

Are the documentebi real? You just seem to emerge if someone puts up his glasses in the trailer?

Sangyoung Kim : Condebi live closely with people. However, as you mentioned, most people do not believe in codebi and few knowledge of their existence and have the ability to see them.

Condebi can be unintentionally stubborn, but they are also the greatest supporters of people’s dreams, which gives them their strength and allows them to gain together with the people they support. Although Niebi can not exercise this power in the real world directly, you can use them to give people power and courage.

We have changed the concept shown in an earlier revelation See the documentary with a glasses. Through a particular event, the main figure and some other special characters receive the ability to see the documentebi. But most people can not see them.

Dokev relies on real-time struggles against a nasty robot company

Which typical mechanics can expect players to know other monster MMOs? We think of breeds, monsters levels, further developments …?

DAIL KIM: We have changed it from an MMO to an Open World Action Adventure game to collect creatures. We have thought about the direction of the game and decided that our destinations for the game are best manifested as Open World and Action Adventure game. Now it should take place in a huge open world to allow a variety and freedom for different gaming styles.

SANGYOUNG KIM: Of course it will give the concept that the documentary will be stronger together with the main character. I think I’ll have the opportunity to tell you more about it at a later date.

In the new trailer you can see the trainers for the first time. How does the fight system work?

Sangyoung Kim: First of all: The main character in Dokev is not called coach. The main character and the documentebi are friends.

To give you a background of history – Dokev plays in a world in which the technology of artificial intelligence has developed. There is a furnishings called The Company, which produces androids with artificial intelligence.

However, the main character sees this company rather than villain, as the technology of the androids comes from The Company, which captures documentebi and fits in Ki chips. The main character that finds the truth about the suppression of the Dekebi by The Company – they use documentebi for experiments – plays a role against The Company by freed theybi from the robots.

Changkee Nam: As you have seen in the gameplay video, it is a real-time struggle that requires direct control and is not led by a fixed position or a round-based method. Condebi have their own unique skills with which they can help the main character in the fight and support them. There are also content where local and players merge to use special skills that can turn the sheet of a battle.

Each phonebi offers a mini campaign to win it as a friend

How many dokebi is there to release? In addition, every Dukebi seems to have a special attack with the player. Do all dokebis have different special attacks?

Changkee Nam: Condebi are born from the dreams of people. To call an example: someone dreams of becoming boxer, but can not pursue this dream. The inability to realize the dream makes the Boxer -Kebi emerge. The player will meet this type of documentebi and make friends with them and experience a story together with this situation.

Sangyoung Kim: It’s not about catching documentarybi. You should face them with them by meeting special conditions during the unique story and uses information from clues about dokebi that can discover them throughout the city and in the world.

There are some documentebi that you can easily make friends, as well as documentebi for which your special conditions have to fulfill. It will make the player a lot of fun to meet every dorkebi to get involved in his unique story.

The documentary, which we have shown you so far are just a few and many more. Every Delfebi represents the dreams and passions of people. So everykebi is unique and has character, making them showing their own skills and movements. In the future, we will gradually present various fascinating documentary kebives.

You can work with others and deliver little competitions

In the monster MMO TEMTEM there is a co-op mode. But if both players are not on the same level, the coop mode does not really fun – a player is always too strong or too weak. How does Koop work in Dokev?

DAIL KIM: There will be cooperative multiplayer elements to work with other players. If a player wants, you can attack a boss monster together with other players. There will also be competitive content in the game. As far as the multiplayer elements are concerned, we think about how they should be developed to make the content as pleasant as possible. We will publish further information in the future.

Will there be PVP? And if so – how important is PVP?

DAIL KIM: Dokev is a very flexible game and supports an open play style. There will be a single player experience in the main history as well as cooperative multiplayer elements to work with other players. For the competitive element we develop an idea of ​​a friendly competition that promotes good sports spirit.

Huge world of Dokev should invite to explore

How big is the world for release and will you continue to grow after the release?

Sangyoung Kim: What you can see in our gamescom trailer and earlier revelations was only a small part of the game world. You can explore the whole world as much as possible. You can imagine you like a large open world in which you can go everywhere with your wonderful codebi to experience a variety of adventures.

You will experience many things, such as new dokebi meet, meet different people, listen to their stories and solve problems. The world is also full of various mini-games and interactions. And of course, the world will continue to grow.

There is apparently many crazy weapons in the game, such as a bubble Gun or a vacuum cleaner. How do I get these weapons in the game and how many can I expect? Do the weapons bring only benefits in combat?

Changkee Nam: There are many weapons, vehicles and equipment that you can collect in different ways in the world of Dokev. These items are not only used for the fight. They have other uses, including improving the ability to explore the world and play the game.

Each tool has its own properties and uses and we will introduce you to a variety of tools in the future.

Let me imagine only a few things: the vacuum cleaners are used to suck you away from enemies like the androids and pull it away to free them. If you use the umbrella tool, you hide and become practically invisible.

I was inspired by children who hide while playing under umbrellas and think they can not see anyone else. In addition, there is something in the Korean folklore, which is referred to as Dokebi Gamtu and makes the wearer invisible when placing. We also have a bit of folklore integrated into the game.

Dokev sees new approach for a monster game

There is quite competition on the market you want to address, such as temtem and of course Pokémon. How is Dokev different from other monster games?

Sangyoung Kim: There are several distinguishing features. For example, every Dukebi has special skills and effects that the player uses and allows him superherent forces that transform it into different types of personalities.

The player has the freedom to adapt his gaming experience by using his favorite dokebi skills. Dokev also differs from the captive ideas of other games. You will meet documentebi in different ways and girls girls with them.

Apart from that, there is also a unique graphic style, Next-Gen technology and a wonderful open world where you can meet your unmistakable characters. You can also enjoy a more dynamic experience with our real-time action combat system. The meeting with Niebi friends is an important part of the content and I believe that the ability to engage in unique adventures and stories in the open world is important.

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Dokev should appeal to the whole family – maybe even anglers

Which type of player do you want to address with Dokev?

Changkee Nam: Dokev is a game that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Our goal is that parents and children can play the game together. There are also elements that have fallen Core Gamern. For example, there are secret mechanics in the game and you only have to find hints to unlock them. There will also be content that requires strategic thinking to maintain players of different game levels.

How do your plans look for the full release of Dokev?

DAIL KIM: We are just about making the game more entertaining. What I can tell you is that the world of the game is extended and new stories and content will be added after publishing.

In both trailers to Dokev you can see how someone fishing. As a fan of this mechanics in games I want to know of course – can you fishing in Dokev?

Changkee Nam: It is not fixed yet, but fishing, as other mechanics in Dokev, could be used to find information about dokebi or something rare. Personally, I like fishing in the Real Life very much. If fishing comes in Dokev, we will try to make the feeling of true fishing as well as possible.

A beautiful monster game with new ideas

Dokev brings fresh ideas into a genre that is dominated by Pokémon Quasi. This is exciting on the one hand, because the genre attracts many players. On the other hand, however, a risk, because the fresh ideas are less focus on what a monster MMO accounts for: the monsters and their workout.

Through my work on the title as part of the Gamescom I find the game principle quite interesting and also the graph looks great. But whether the implementation with the focus on exploration and story holds long in a mood, must only show. As a fan of the genre and years of pokémon- or TEM TEM player, I’m looking forward to the new Dokev. But I also stay skeptical before there is no more info about the gameplay of the title. Maik Schneider Free author at Meinmmo