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During the Opening Night Live As part of the Gamescom 2021, the Knuffy Monster Adventure Dokev was presented with a trailer. Although the new teaser shows only contextless gameplay, but the viewers could still carry out – but what is so special about Dokev?

What is Dokev? The GamesCom trailer for Dokev comes out completely without explanation – Show, Do not Tell. Nevertheless, the Open World Monster Hatz had not disconnected if she had introduced her world and history. So that you are up to date, here comes a brief summary

  • In Dokev you have to fight a nasty company that wants to exploit ghost-like beings.
  • You have to make friends with the documentary and combat the company.
  • Dokev offers both singleplayer and multiplayer experience.
  • The world is based on South Korea and should be very busy.

That’s why spectators are flashed by the Dokev trailer

These are the first reactions: The Dokev trailer could draw the viewers of the Opening Night live mainly with one aspect in the spell: the graphic. To say that Dokev looks good, would be exaggerated understood. The environments see in places in a photorealistic, only the characters pierce with their childlike anime design.

Often announcements of games like Dokev are smiled by us and only a few IPs from Asia can take a foothold here. But does it always have to turn hard and dirty? The reactions to the trailer of Dokev are consistently positive and show: It works differently. Maybe the loose airy dream monster Hatz is exactly what players now need?

say commentators below the Dokev Trailer :

Nobody asked for such a game … but I’m glad it’s there!

Arnell Long

This is literally the best-based game I have ever seen! Is that real?


The lighting, animations, the colors and the artstyle itself. This game looks incredible and finally brings fresh wind when you ask me.


I have seen only 30 seconds and I already know: this is the Open World game we need. The atmosphere is so dense and it happens as much at the same time, feels so real.


Dokev brings the feeling that as a child during his summer vacation adventure.


Why does that look so good? Under the hood of Dokev buzzes the latest version of the **** proprietary engine. This is the same games engine, which will also be used in the coming Crimson Desert. An earlier version can be in Black Desert: online admired.

What is Dokev ever? Play and gameplay explains

Dokev is an Open World Adventure Game. The game world is based on South Korea and also uses the folklore as a premise. You are children who make friends with Delfebi, Korean fabulous creatures that arise from the unfulfilled dreams of people. Dreams someone from a boxing career and can not live that, creates a boxer codebi.

Your task is to meet you with the documentary and together with you against the evil company (The Company). This organization wants to provide the documentary kebives with Ki chips to exploit them. To prevent that, it is fighting in real time with weapons of weapons such as huge rubber hemmers and together with the dukebi for your enemies.

But that’s not all: what else is in Dokev, it is completely up to you. You can complete mini-games, experiencing individual stories of the documentary or sweeten the day with one of the different side tasks such as fishing.

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When celebrating Dokev Release? There is no information about the release date of Dokev. Some users are therefore worried. Crimson deserts that last year was announced by the same developer, has meanwhile postponed indefinitely.

If you want to learn more about Dokev, then a look at our interview with developers: New Open World Adventure Dokev is how made for Pokémon fans – boss promises: Fun for the whole family