Metroid Dread This is how the new threat faced by Samus in the exclusive switch

We had a lot of desire for a new Metroid , beyond the quality of these videogames, for knowing what has been about Samus Aran . Our favorite hunter is related to many space entities, but especially with two tremendously important beings for it: brains with transparent casing that we all know how Metroides and the species with bird traits known as Chozos .

In the previous videogames in the saga we met more about both, especially in the 2D Zero Mission and Fusion. Well, everything points out that Metroid Dread, the new delivery planned for next October 8, will tell us more about the Chozo. At least, that is what we extract from the last trailer of the Nintendo Switch video game.

Throughout the video we see the hunters face a giant who has all the appearance of being a hung … despite the solidity of his metallic armor. Not even the missiles hurt him, and we also appreciate that he has a great speed coming even to grab Samus’s neck without being able to do anything to get away from the dam from him.

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From Nintendo tells us about the history and temporary place of the video game: _ Samus’s story continues after the events of Metroid Fusion when it lands on the ZDR planet to investigate a mysterious transmission sent to the Galactic Federation. This remote planet is totally Dominated by aggressive alien life forms and terrifying mechanical beings. _

But the most relevant thing is that new Samus skills and tools are shown like that fast dash baptized as sudden impulse, radar to see hidden blocks, the so-called ray hook that will fulfill the hook or multimsysel function. All these things will be the keys to advance in the game that represents the Gender Metroidvania to perfection.