The Overwatch team listened to the community and will change the name MCCREE

Recently, we talk about the initiative of the community you proposed change the name to MCCREE . Quickly putting in context, the favorite cowboy of overwatch shares name with an ex-developer of Blizzard Entertainment . So far everything is normal, but things become bitter when we discovered that Jesse McCree was involved in the Cosby Suit. This place was one of the detonating ones that let see the toxic that is the company’s environment .

Once the situation was made public, Overwatch fanatics demanded a name change for MCCREE. This is because the pillars of the game were built on inclusion, equity and the hope of a better future , so having a reference to someone involved in the problem of harassment does not feel good. The Overwatch team recognizes it and is already preparing some changes related to the cowboy.

Through a communiqué on social networks, it was shared that will soon be a name change for MCCREE . The decision does not come without consequences: to integrate the new identity well, the beginning of an arc of history will be delayed. It was scheduled for September, with an event focused on moving forward with the proposed comics and shorts. Now, the new release date is scheduled for the end of 2021. Instead, there will be a new scenario for everyone against all in September.

With this precedent, the Overwatch team will not name a character in honor of someone inside Blizzard. It will also help make it clear that the Universe of Overwatch is different from ours, creating itself from teamwork. We know that actions are worth more than words , so we hope to show them our commitment to make overwatch a better experience within the game, the development team finished.

The original proposal came from social networks, specifically on Twitter. But it did not happen inadvertent: Casters of La Overwatch League omitted the name of the cowboy, showing the support of it.

While this does not solve all the problems that are lived inside Blizzard, it is a step in the right direction that many applaud.