1 FC Heidenheim vs HSV 2nd Bundesliga now in the live ticker

In the 2nd Bundesliga, the HSV plays today at the 1st FC Heidenheim. Here you can pursue the game in the live ticker.

1. FC Heidenheim vs. Hamburger SV – 0: 0


Position Heidenheim: Müller – Theuerauf, Hüsing, Mainka, Busch – Schöpper, Burnic, Leipertz (46th Rittmüller), Thomalla – Cooling weather, small service

Position Hamburg: Fernandes – Leibold, Schonlau, David, Gyamerah – Rice, Meffert, Heyer – Tunes, Glatzel, Jatta

1. FC Heidenheim vs. HSV now in the live ticker – 0: 0

1. FC Heidenheim vs. HSV: 2. League now in Liveticker – change Heidenheim

46.: For the second pass, the hosts change for the first time. Leipertz remains with its charged nose in the cabin, Rittmüller replaces him positional.

Halftime: The 1st FC Heidenheim and the Hamburg SV for a long time had a mauen kick, which after about 25 minutes but dramatically ride. If the spectators had not seen a single goal shot in the first half of the first half, they compensated both teams in the second section of the pause. Heyer hit the latte for the HSV, small service did the same for the FCH. Only the gates are still missing.

45.: Halftime in Heidenheim. It is 0: 0.

45.: One minute will be replenished in the first half.

44.: After almost 25 minutes of dead pants ruled in the criminal rooms, it is now 9: 8 after goal shots for HSV at the end of the first half. That can be seen quite.

42.: WOW, here’s right now. Only HEUER Fernandes directs a header from Schöpner with a world-class parade around the post to the corner, then small service after award of the year buying on the fiffer to the header and meets the latte.

41.: Fifth corner for Heidenheim. Again, the red purchase runs from the left side and finds cooling weather on the long post. The striker takes the ball Volley, but sets him far above the box.

38.: Now it goes to the point. Heyer tries it with a lawsuit from the penalty area after Jatta had staged. The ball flies in a beautiful arch over Müller and then claps to the crossbeam.

37.: Tunes must make more out of it. Heyers shallow cross-off from the right side is clarified by Mainka on the fiffer right in front of the feet of smocks, which then has a high-speed firing track from 13 meters. However, the shot gets too central, so that Müller can catch him safely in the Tormitte.

36.: Burning situation in the penalty area of ​​the Hamburgers. Heuer Fernandes waits for a corner of the brand purchase and appears under the ball. Lucky for the guests that no Heidenheimer is on the long post, which can use the Patzer.

34.: First corner ball now for HSV. Smaller briefly leads on bodyold, which flanks into the middle. David comes to the ball by head and put him just left at the gate.

32.: Grand chance for the HSV. LEIBOLD flanks sharply from the left penalty area in the fiffer where Heyer comes to the header and pass the ball breath on the right pillar. Since Müller would have been open to the chance in the box of the households.

29.: The subsequent corner brings directly the next good chance for the hosts. Heuer Fernandes can not clarify from the penalty area, which is why the ball lands at Burnic, which tap into the tumbler from ten meters of half-neckers. The ball first bounces on Schlau and then jumps to Schöpper’s knee, from where he stops just on the left post.

28.: Best action of the game. Thomalla circles the ball from 24 meters central position half-high to the right corner, where this year Fernandes, however, is shiny and clarified to the corner.

Heidenheim vs. HSV: 2nd league now in the Livetick – yellow card smock

27.: And the next yellow. Prior to execution of the free-kick delayed, because it does not arrange the necessary distance. Sather attacks again in the chest pocket.

Heidenheim vs. HSV: 2. League now in the Livetick – yellow card LEIBOLD

26.: The second yellow card of the game, this time for a hamburger. LEIBOLD she sees her because he deliberately stops a recovered ball 24 meters in front of his own gate. Very idiosyncratic design.

24.: It’s a teeth affair. The approximately 6,000 fans in the Voith Arena get no scenic scenes so far.

Heidenheim vs. HSV: 2. League now in Liveticker – yellow card Leiperz

21.: Leiperto wants to prevent a counterattack of the hamburgers in midfield and brings glossy from behind to fall. This is a clear tactical foul and thus yellow.

20.: After all, the first corner for the hosts. The ball purchase brings the ball with the left foot from the left side into the middle, but there is no customer there.

18.: The bleeding of Leipertz is too strong, this referee Sather sends him again to the exchange bank again. There again tries to stop the bleeding.

16.: There is still missing the goal area scenes. The game takes place mainly in midfield, where the players are piling up and the rooms are tight. The surprising, opening passes and running paths are missing.

14.: Leipertz is back. With plugging in the nose, Heidenheim’s number 13 comes back to the field.

13.: Heidenheim for the moment in exterior. Leipertz bleeds after an air duel from the nose and must be treated outside the field. But it should continue for the right midfielder.

11.: Almost 70 percent ball possession for the hamburgers in the initial phase. However, there was still a goal shot – neither for the HSV nor for the FCH.

9.: No get through for the HSV. Heidenheim compacted by the midfield drrewds the center, the dominance of the Hamburgers therefore does not bear fruit.

7.: But But the houses are still safe against the ball. Passpowers are wise delivered, the HSV is so not allowed to escape.

5.: The first few minutes clearly belong to guests. Heidenheim is barely in possession of possession, the oppressing of the hamburger works flawlessly.

3.: The HSV is positioning itself offensive against the ball. The trial Jatta, Glatzel and Tunes run the Heidenheim defender early.

1.: The game is running.

Before starting: Let’s take a look at the referee. Senior impartial is Alexander Sather, assist Oliver Lossius and Tim-Julian Skorczyk to the lines. As a fourth official, Lars Erbst is divided, Patrick Hanslbauer pursues the events in the function of the VAR on the monitors.

Before starting: For both teams, it is today to keep the connection to the upper table regions. At a home win against Hamburg, Heidenheim from the 8th table spot would jump in place at best. The same place could also get the HSV, currently in 7th place, with a threesome.

Before starting: Today’s opponent from Heidenheim has exactly the same balance at the start of the season: a victory, two draws and a defeat. Last matchday, the FCH collected the first bankruptcy of the season in Hannover (0: 1), a blemish that is to be held as far as possible in the home game against HSV. However, the offensive of the Baden-Württembergers must slowly get going. Only three goals shot Heidenheim at the first three matchdays.

Before starting: It is the now fourth second league year of the HSV and the goal is exactly as in the three seasons before: Ascension to the Bundesliga. The problem: The current campaign started rather moderately. Only a victory and five points from the first four games got the team of coach Tim Walter, so that the residue is considerable to the surprise teams from Regensburg (12 points) and Dresden (10 points) at this early season date.

Before starting: On the other side, the red slots also change twice compared to the last matchday (2: 2 in Darmstadt). Pipe and suhons rotate for rice and gyamerah on the bench.

Before starting: The hosts take two changes to their starting eleven compared to the 0: 1 against Hannover 96: Mainka and Leipertz begin for Föhrenbach and Mohr, both of which first place on the bank.

Before starting: With Heidenheim and the HSV, two teams meet each other, which are not satisfactorily started from their point of view. This applies even more to HSV than Heidenheim. On the way to the longed return to the Bundesliga, the HSV first brought five points – just as many as Heidenheim. Only today’s winner will connect to the table top.

Before starting: The game of the 5th matchday is wrapped at 13.30 in the Voith Arena in Heidenheim.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the Liveticker the second division allegation between the 1st FC Heidenheim and the HSV.

1 . FC Heidenheim vs. HSV: 2nd Bundesliga today in the LiveTicker – expected listings

  • Heidenheim: Müller – Busch, P. Mainka, Hüsing, Theuerauf – Schöpper, Burnic – Thomalla, Leiperz – Cooling weather – small service
  • HSV: Heuer Fernandes – Gyamerah, David, Schuclau, Leibold – Meffert – Heyer, Suhons – Jatta, Glatzel, Small

1. FC Heidenheim vs. HSV: 2. Bundesliga today live on TV and Livestream

8-ball pool - how to choose good
1. FC Heidenheim against the HSV is not visible today in free TV. Sky shows the game from 13 clock to SKY Sport Bundesliga 4 with commentator Heiko Mallwitz. You can also choose the matchday conference on SKY Sport Bundesliga 3 with which you keep track of the three parallel games at 13.30. All transfers can also be received via Livestream via the Sky Ticket or the Sky Go app.

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2 . Bundesliga: The table before Saturday games

Place | Team | Sp. | Goals | Diff | Pkt.
— | — | — | — | — |-
1. | SSV Jahn Regensburg | 4 | 12: 1 | 11 | 12
2. | SG Dynamo Dresden | 4 | 9: 2 | 7 | 10
3rd | 1. FC Nuremberg | 5 | 6: 3 | 3 | 9
4. | SC Paderborn 07 | 4 | 9: 4 | 5 | 8th
5. | Karlsruher SC | 5 | 7: 3 | 4 | 8th
6. | FC St. Pauli | 4 | 7: 5 | 2 | 7
7. | Hamburger SV | 4 | 8: 7 | 1 | 5
8. | 1. FC Heidenheim | 4 | 3: 3 | 0 | 5
9. | Werder Bremen | 4 | 5: 7 | -2 | 5
10. | SV Darmstadt 98 | 4 | 8: 8 | 0 | 4
11. | FC Hansa Rostock | 4 | 6: 7 | -1 | 4
11. | Fortuna Dusseldorf | 4 | 6: 7 | -1 | 4
13. | Schalke 04 | 4 | 6: 8 | -2 | 4
14. | Hannover 96 | 4 | 2: 6 | -4 | 4
15. | SV Sandhausen | 5 | 3: 8 | -5 | 4
16. | FC Ingolstadt | 5 | 4: 11 | -7 | 4
17. | FC Erzgebirge Aue | 4 | 2: 4 | -2 | 3
18. | Holstein Kiel | 4 | 2: 11 | -9 | 1