2 Bundesliga Saturday conference on the 5th matchday now in the live ticker

There are three games at 13.30 in the 2nd Bundesliga today. In our conference live ticker you are always up to date.

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2 . League: Saturday games at a glance

Stick | Home | Current result | Abroad
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13.30 Holstein Kiel | 2: 0 | Erzgebirge Aue
13.30 SV Darmstadt 98 | 2: 0 | Hannover 96
13.30 1. FC Heidenheim | 0: 0 | Hamburger SV
20.30 FC Schalke 04 | -: – | Fortuna Dusseldorf

2 . Bundesliga: Saturday conference on the 5th matchday now in the live ticker

1. FC Heidenheim vs. HSV: 2. League now in Liveticker – change Heidenheim

46.: For the second pass, the hosts change for the first time. Leipertz remains with its charged nose in the cabin, Rittmüller replaces him positional.

46. The second half runs.

Halftime: looks strong afterwards, as if both the lilies (meanwhile even ranked 6), as well as the storks today. At present, little contrasts. The big unknown this afternoon is and remains the encounter in Heidenheim.

45. \ – Halftime on all squares.

45 . – Darmstadt vs. Hannover: TOOOR! Darmstadt – Hannover 2: 0. The Var had to examine the creation of the hit even more precisely. It could have been that the ball had exceeded the side line in advance. That was not the case, so the hit. Pfeiffer (SiC!) Dances on the left side, Muroya runs behind him, raises his arm to indicate that the ball had been in the side – where should he know that the VaR checks – and has it Anatomical reasons hardly a chance to take the pace of Pfeiffer. Arrived in the penalty area, Pfeiffer then puts perfectly back on Tietz, who slows the ball into the right crossing. How well that you have not spent no seasonal goals at the 96s. In these times it is important that you spend expenditure.

44 . – Heidenheim vs. HSV: Thinner becomes completely surprising the ice for the HSV: Only Heuer Fernandes steers a header of Schöpper with a world-class parade around the post to the corner, then small service comes after award of the year buying on the fiffer to the header and meets The latte. Danger from Heidenheim? Gladly with standards. The thing of the Schöpner was actually developed out of the game.

42 . – Darmstadt vs. Hannover: Tietz has its generous day and puts the ball completely unnecessarily on its own penalty area across the feet of Maina, which takes a short time from 18 meters and then shampings pass through the goal.

41 . – Kiel vs. Aue: And shortly thereafter almost the decision could have fallen. Mühling may bridge the entire midfield and place on the Porath on a switching action. He comes to half-law in the penalty area free to the shot, but clearly strives. Aue is dancing on the abyss.

38 . – Kiel vs. Aue: Tooor! Kiel – Aue 2: 0. A hit for pinnacles. Long ball in the top. who lands after a header of Gontache at ARP. And then you are round. He dances four defender, sometimes even twice before he arrived at the penalty point. Like a march through a maze in the highest speed. And then he also has the nerves, controlled and deliberately complete. Outstanding goal.

32 . – Heidenheim vs. HSV: and stay in Heidenheim: Grand Chance for the HSV. LEIBOLD flanks sharply from the left penalty area in the fiffer where Heyer comes to the header and pass the ball breath on the right pillar. Since Müller would have been open to the chance in the box of the households.

29 . – Kiel vs. Aue: Tooor! Kiel – Aue 1: 0. If the storks did not play here (this season), one could say that had announced that. Actually almost from the beginning. Reese can not be irritated by two defenders and then has all the time to attach the flank to the goal area. Porath gets up and then placed at the bottom left corner.

Heidenheim vs. HSV: 2nd league now in the Livetick – yellow card smock

27 . – Heidenheim vs. HSV: and the next yellow. Prior to execution of the free-kick delayed, because it does not arrange the necessary distance. Sather attacks again in the chest pocket.

Heidenheim vs. HSV: 2. League now in the Livetick – yellow card LEIBOLD

26 . – Heidenheim vs. HSV: The second yellow card of the game, this time for a hamburger. LEIBOLD she sees her because he deliberately stops a recovered ball 24 meters in front of his own gate. Very idiosyncratic design.

20 . – Kiel vs. Aue: to Adam Giant would have to be the 1-0 for the storks. It was but wants dwarf. Skrzybski starts at the centerline alone towards the door after a steep pass, but the uncertainty is to be fooled by the first step. Then two defenders also pick him up. And before graduation with right, he spits himself with the ball even with the ball, so he meets the ball completely failed and the gate very far missed.

Heidenheim vs. HSV: 2. League now in Liveticker – yellow card Leiperz

21 . – Darmstadt vs. Hannover: TOOOR! Darmstadt – Hannover 1: 0. The 96s who have not set their destination this season. And given the gameplay, this proves to be a very clever way. Have only been embarrassed in the end. Quick hard marches on the left direction baseline and lays across. Pfeiffer (you know already) gets the ball in the back, but comes ran, is blocked. Falls (remember that is still important). The rebound brings himself to Karic, he is blocked, but the ball bounces on the floor lying on the floor in front of the empty gate. And in the loungers he hits then. That’s such a kind of small Gerd-Müller Gedector.

Darmstadt vs. Hannover: 2. League now in the Livetick – Yellow Map Ochs

18 . – Darmstadt vs. Hannover: Hurray, the first yellow of the day is there. Brutal but also. Ohs prevents rapid throwing. If we do not worry.

14 . – Heidenheim vs. HSV: Briefly, the Heidenheimers have to shape the game in the subnumberous, perhaps the wrong expression, so far nothing, the Heidenheimer who deny. Leipertz must be with a bleeding nose from the field. Stuff is pure and good. On the Heidenheim jersey you do not see the blood anyway.

13 . – Kiel vs. Aue: Anders looks different in Kiel, especially if the storks can bring pace into play. Bartels are sent to the penalty area by means of a 30-meter pass. In the penalty area, Bartels concludes with the first contact, which fails to centrally. No problem for mans. The keels already with two goal terminals. At Aue are already four, but very honest, you sometimes ask for what is counted. Is there anything left out of the last game?

10 . – Heidenheim vs. HSV: Good news from Heidenheim for HSV fans. Guests have meanwhile increased the possession of the ball to 82 percent. But there are bad news: The degrees still stand the zero. Compactness is banned. Neumodic nonsense.

6 . – Darmstadt vs. Hannover: And though the next chance belongs to the lilies, they are already guessing how the first few minutes walk. Tietz is in the penalty area through the Goller, which is not crucially disturbed and thus leads to direct conclusion. But the angle is pointed and aim can make a decisive way with his body. At least one.

5 . – Darmstadt vs. Hannover: and from Darmstadt there is a solo Pfeiffer with three f to announce. Kaiser and Franke prove to be interested viewers, Pfeiffer (with three F) stops out of the second row on it, his attempt lands just next to the left post. Let’s call this an ambitious warning shot of the hosts.

5 . – Heidenheim vs. HSV: Now the first impressions from Heidenheim. To characterize the previous gameplay, we resort to the first numbers. Ball possession HSV 72 percent. If the teacher in the class asks students to answer, is certainly no Heidenheim among them, who snaps with the fingers and calls me, me, me.

5 . – Kiel vs. Aue: The first few minutes can be characterize: The storks burn off a small fireworks.

3 . – Kiel vs. Aue: goes well in Kiel. Skrzybski with the first good chance of the game. Wide, high flank from the left side, Barylla does not hit the ball on the long post, the ball is blocked, the ball jumps to the center to Skrzybski, who is six meters at least as far over the gate of Semmelt. If it runs, it fits if it does not run, but would surprise on the Baltic Sea beach but someone wonders. The attempt falls into the wonder category.

1.: The hot days are over. This looks like three lots without a drinking break today. That’s the progress!

1.: Let’s go. 90 minutes of honest football (O-Ton Sky Colleague Customer), whatever that should mean.

Before starting: With two defeats, the lilies are started in the season, but they are almost forgotten again. Then Gabs a 6: 1 against promoted Ingolstadt, a draw against HSV (2: 2), the tendency clearly shows up. With Hanover you meet an opponent who has not come well from the starting blocks, last weekend against Heidenheim (1: 0) but could retract the first threesome.

Before starting: Did you know that the HSV has always been to leaders since the descent after five matchdays? That will be difficult this season. But maybe a sign of change? Decisive is not how you start, but how you stop? If it continues to run so bumpy, but also another question arises: with which exercise leader?

Before starting: After a pretty bad start, there was last an important sign of life of the storks, 2: 2 in Dusseldorf finally secured the first season point. Besides, Holtby sniffed second ligamous air (substitution in the 85th). Whether he may already ran today? On the other hand, on the last weekend, the first saisonied reserve was gained this season as the Kieler is still victorious.

Before starting: The lilies (10th) receive carefind Hanover, and from the center of the table there is the duel of the dot Hamburger (HSV!) And Heidenheimer. If you do not have enough of the 2nd league, you can look forward to the evening game – no longer part of the conference. Schalke 04 against Fortuna Dusseldorf! There swings a lot of history.

Before starting: Today – good, after four matchdays it may sound exaggerated, but also brings the necessary drama into the game – we focus our focus on the relegation battle. Kiel, tail light, receives relegation psyche bearer Aue, the 96er as a fourth thing are not exactly the thriving life. And the story is seasoned with a lot of no man’s land of the table.

Before starting: The top game of early noon is looking at the table in Heidenheim. There, the table of the table receives the seventh – with this position the HSV is anything but satisfied. In Kiel it comes to a basement duel between the last and the penultimate. Darmstadt and Hannover are also located in the second half of the table.

Before starting: three games are spoiled today at 13.30 clock. The 1st FC Heidenheim welcomes the HSV, Holstein Kiel meets Arengebirge Aue and Hannover 96 plays at Darmstadt 98.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the Liveticker of the Sunday Conference of the 2nd League.

2 . Bundesliga: Saturday conference on the 5th match day today live in the TV and Livestream

In the free TV, the three second ligament games can not be seen live today. You can see them in pay TV at Sky. Here the conference can be followed on sky sport Bundesliga 3. The single games on the following stations: 1. FC Heidenheim – HSV: Sky Sport Bundesliga 4. Darmstadt 98 – Hannover 96: SKY Sport Bundesliga 5. Kiel – Aue: SKY Sport Bundesliga 6.

Via the app SKY go and SKY Ticket, fans can also be live in the livestream today.

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2 . Bundesliga: The table before Saturday games

Place | Team | Sp. | Goals | Diff | Pkt.
— | — | — | — | — |-
1. | SSV Jahn Regensburg | 4 | 12: 1 | 11 | 12
2. | SG Dynamo Dresden | 4 | 9: 2 | 7 | 10
3rd | 1. FC Nuremberg | 5 | 6: 3 | 3 | 9

  1. | SC Paderborn 07 | 4 | 9: 4 | 5 | 8th
  2. | Karlsruher SC | 5 | 7: 3 | 4 | 8th
  3. | FC St. Pauli | 4 | 7: 5 | 2 | 7
  4. | Hamburger SV | 4 | 8: 7 | 1 | 5
  5. | 1. FC Heidenheim | 4 | 3: 3 | 0 | 5
  6. | Werder Bremen | 4 | 5: 7 | -2 | 5
  7. | SV Darmstadt 98 | 4 | 8: 8 | 0 | 4
  8. | FC Hansa Rostock | 4 | 6: 7 | -1 | 4
  9. | Fortuna Dusseldorf | 4 | 6: 7 | -1 | 4
  10. | Schalke 04 | 4 | 6: 8 | -2 | 4
  11. | Hannover 96 | 4 | 2: 6 | -4 | 4
  12. | SV Sandhausen | 5 | 3: 8 | -5 | 4
  13. | FC Ingolstadt | 5 | 4: 11 | -7 | 4
  14. | FC Erzgebirge Aue | 4 | 2: 4 | -2 | 3
  15. | Holstein Kiel | 4 | 2: 11 | -9 | 1