Comment Eintracht has to stay hard at Kostic

Eintracht Frankfurt also comes to rest several months after the unfortunate communicated exits of ex-sports board Fredi Bobic and ex-coach Adi Hütter not to rest. The most important soon: Blam’s DFB Cup in Mannheim, just a point from the first two Bundesliga games, theater around the packed Amin Younes, open personnel construction sites in the storm as well as in the defensive midfield shortly before transfer. And now that: The strongest offensive player in the squad celebrates his own personal Friday for-Future strike. With the small, but fine difference: Kostic is not about the rescue of the world, but only its personal well-being \ – and probably his account balance.

premature farewell with contract conclusion

So that no misunderstandings arise: In principle, it is completely legitimate and perhaps also comprehensible that Kostic does not want to go in pension at Eintracht and after three successful seasons on the Main aged 29 years a club change. In such cases, argument with the contract struts – Kostics contract runs until June 30, 2023 – does not draw. Finally, it can never be in the interest of a club like Eintracht Frankfurt, to let a dedicate player free transfer. What in the reversal means that a premature sayewell is already tacitly conkined at the conclusion of the contract from both sides. In this respect, it did not surprise that the new sports board Markus Krösche excluded a sale Kostics at no time. Alone: ​​A concrete range of another club was and is not available.

A transparent maneuver

Kostics strike is a transparent maneuver. Apparently he does not just want to force his change, but also press the price. In other words, he wants to harm the club, which made him great. This reckless and selfish behavior may not be rewarded – otherwise it could make school. Internally, those responsible have long been agreed on a pain threshold, on a transfer, where Kostic may change. From this pricing, Krösche may not deviate a cent.

For crosse is extremely much on the game

Eintracht should now demonstrate unity. To show hardness, Kröse needs the full backing from the Supervisory Board and its board colleagues. If Lazio Rome does not fulfill the release claim, Krösche must deny the release and set Kostic to the tribune in winter until the next transfer window; so problematic that would be with regard to market value development.

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But it’s about Kostics’s lousy game about crotch authority: it must not arise the impression that after changing on the management level everyone can make what he wants. Even the trouble with Younes was a stupid fire. Now the summer theater reaches its climax. The sports board must not be demonstrated.

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