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\ – Strategic battle through mechanic combinations

** \ – Reflected the user feedback to the first year of next year,

Meken’s own developed mechanic 3-person online shooting game Steam Early Access service began today.

is a Mecanic 3-person shooting game implemented as Unreal 4 engine, featuring a worldwide user and 6-to-six team Daejeon to battle a robot battle. By controlling the huge mechanic, cooperation with the same team, you can take the basis of the battle area, collect the resources, and you can perform a variety of victory missions, and it is possible to combat the moderate.

The early version of the Early Access will disclose eight gases with their own characteristics. It is possible to enjoy a strategic battle of through a combination of the character attribute and the skill effect. After a plan to disclose two gases, it is possible to play play with a total of 10 gases during the proximity period. In combat mode, ‘grid mode’ and ‘occupation mode’ are presented, and the proximal sales are 26,000 won.

Previously, a numbered in-house test and FGT were adjusted through the overall game balance, improving user convenience, and actively reflect feedback, including collecting user play style and data.

Meimjim Kim, Jae-joon, said, The trend of domestic companies that utilize ‘Steam Early Access’ as a platform for entering the global market, said, Battle Steads: Gunma>, I think it is a good opportunity.

In addition, I will actively converge the feedback of global users during the end of the access, I want to contribute to popularizing the Mechanic of Mania.

is aiming for formal launch in the beginning of next year, and plans to communicate with gamers through steam communities and twitches during early access.

Meanwhile, details of can be found through Steam page .