Even the graying Asmongold and the Hard Dr Disrespect celebrate Dokev

The Trailer of the Action Adventures Dokev, which was released Zurgamescom 2021, enthuses the gaming community. And although the material shown is more cute, even professional grummers like Asmongold or Macho Dr Disrespect melt.

What is that for a game? In the course of the Opening Night Live, which ran on Wednesday the Gamescom 2021, the game Dokev presented a trailer. Originally, that should be an MMO, but changed in development the genre to an Open World Action Adventure.

The colorful trailer impresses fans mainly through the optics with which the world, the attacks, characters and monsters were designed. But the gameplay is an aspect that players praise.

How to react Asmongold and Dr Disrespect on Dokev

That’s the trailer: If you have not seen the video yourself and first want to make an impression of the game, we involve you the latest trailer of Dokev here.


That says the streamer: In one of his live streams, Asmongold looked at the GamesCom trailer of Dokev along with his spectators. After the first scenes, the Twitch Streamer says: If he were 9 years old, the game would be exactly right for him. Then the trailer picks up more drive – shows skateboard and more action. Asmongold says The game looks really cool. As a character rides on an alpaca, he asks surprised Oh, you have riding?

Then he says: That’s kind of cool. It sounds crazy, but this game talks about me more than many of the others I saw before. It’s so crazy, but somehow also cool.

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Asmongold is known in the community rather with a gridden occurrence, in which he often complains about aspects of games. That he likes the trailer of Dokev so and looks with wide open eyes and mouth is especially.

DR Disrespect about Dokev

That says the streamer: Dr Disrespect looked at YouTube with his stream together the trailers of Gamescom 2021. Known for his macho occurrence in his figure, it only took a few seconds after the start of the Dokev trailer until the streamer distributed his Snooze-Fest stamp. So a yawning assessment. But his chat is an opinion and writes how well the game looks like.

The streamer asks: Yes, you like that? Okay moment. Was I too premature? That just looked really good. Moment, I was probably too premature . Then he sees more gameplay: I like the world. That looks crass. Then he summarizes Okay, I change my verdict and gives the game a hot caka valuation.

We bind you the stream here. If he does not start at the time stamp, then split to 2 hours, 46 minutes and 10 seconds.

Dr Disrespect says a few scenes work in the trailer as if they had little fps. You would have to fix that. But he also likes him how the character looks like in the world.

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How do you like this material to Dokev? Can you connect the big streamers and finds the game so far, or can not convince you the big colorful world and the animations so far?

Write us your opinion here on Meinmmo in the comments. Should not the game pick you up, we still have a special tip from our editor-in-chief for you: If you have such a questionable taste like me, tell you Cult of the Lamb from the Gamescom