Games like Diablo Who needs Diablo 4 Here are 11 current alternatives

If your games like Diablo 3 are looking for, then we have something for you: the best alternatives to Diablo 3, which facilitate the waiting for Diablo 4.

Who thinks of Hack ‘N’ Slay, is certainly the first the Diablo series into the meaning and probably particularly Diablo 3. But next to this permanent burner there are still other genre representatives, which are well worth a look and the waiting time on one Potential Diablo 4 can well bridge.

We present yourself a selection with interesting alternatives, which are located in the area of ​​action RPGs, but in direct comparison to Diablo also offer other features.

If you are looking for other representatives of the genre, there are also a number of hacks ‘n’ slays in development that will appear in the future and make it easier for you to wait for Diablo 4. Which ones are, we introduce you to this MeMMO list: 8 new hack and slays come 2021 while you are waiting for Diablo 4.

This article was published for the first time in February 2017 and last updated on 18 August. We have thrown Torchlight 3 from the overview, as the recent reviews are mostly negative on Steam and the game with less than 50% positive valuations is poor. New in the list is now Last Epoch, which you should look at.

Grim Dawn

Platforms : PC, Xbox One | Release : February 24, 2016 | Payment model : Buy2play | Website : Grim Dawn on Steam

What is Grim Dawn? Crate Entertainment created a hack’s slay with Grim Dawn, which is not so far away from Diablo 3 from the game fun. At least, which concerns the story part.

This revolves around an invasion of the so-called etherials, which gradually lay the game world in rubble and ash. People are constantly pushed back and the war seems to be lost until it appears. Because you have been obsessed by an etherial and has survived this. So you get up to save the world from the invaders.

  • In the story, you are fighting slowly for piece the game world, gets it with ever more powerful monsters and become more and more.
  • New skills and new items, such as weapons and armor, help you back the aetherials.
  • The Diablo principle with fighting against wave around wave on enemies attacks complete.
  • In addition, the hunt for new items is exciting and it is possible to equip the initially from five classes chosen heroes with the skills of the other classes.
  • In multiplayer mode, you have experienced the adventure fourth and even depicts whether PvP is supposed to be active, making you fighting with each other.

Grim Dawn: Between Diablo 3 & Path of Exile - Overview and Review (Gameplay)
* Boss fights, fantastic effects, a detailed graphics and an atmospheric atmosphere complete this hack’s slay gem.

For whom is Grim Dawn? Who stands in a good story, many quests and co-op adventures with a pinch of pvp, is just right at Grim Dawn. There are also regular updates and extensions that bring new challenges.

The last expansion to Grim Dawn, Forgotten Gods, appeared in March 2019.