Don t play The Elder Scrolls 5 Spoof Module Noskyrim makes you no way to open the ancient reel

I feel that I am the ancient reel 5: Unbounded horizon Play too fierce, you need something to intervene, then noskyrim module may help you.

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Noskyrim? Is there a unbounded horizon? That’s right, the same thing is the same as the name, just not letting you play the ancient reel 5, there is no way to open a new ancient reel after installation.

Super-unless the module content, actually won a lot of praise. In the creator’s post message area shared by the reddit , some people were discussed. Some people shouted This is what I have been looking for, Finally there is a module suitable for me.

There are also many people to join in the joke, indicating that they use this module or play Elder Scrolls 5 on Nintendo Switch , and begging module developers to solve. In addition, some people seem to have used to feel it, and I also asked if there is Yesskyrim relative to the NoskyRim version.

Although the player is very helpful, the module sharing website Nexus MODS is not very excited, Noskyrim is short uploading for a few days. The creator learned that there is no way to let more people experience their hardcore crystals, and they want the module to return to the website to Nexus MODS. In the reddit, savenoskyrim discussion version, I hope that NEXUS MODS can be turned back by the number of the sound of the masses.