Naver Webtoon The first writer s annuider 12 4 billion The new writer has an average of 15 000 won

12.4 billion won. Naver Webtoon is a profit of the first year of the writer earned for a year.

Kim Joon-gu Naver Webtoon represented by Naver in the Naver Mid-up event on the 18th, announced the profit of the Writing of the Naver Webtoon writer and the profit of the writers.

Naver webtoon, which was released on this day, was 12.8 billion won, and the total writer’s annual average was W2080 million, and the annual profit of the new writer who started serial within a year, the average of 150 million won.

Kim, Kim, who was able to increase the average revenue of the writers, for the reasons for Naver Web toon ‘PPS (Page Profit Sharing). PPS is a system that Naver shares the revenue that the creator is not only the original fee payment as well as the advertisement, paid content, and IP business. The PPS entire market size is about 1.7 billion won for the past year.

Kim said, as Naver Web Tonn has a variety of works, we explained that they have introduced PPS in 2013 that they have to have a variety of benefits. With the introduction of PPS, the webtoon industry market, which had only been in the existing writer to secure the fandom, has actually stressed that the writer has changed into the market where the writer has changed money.


Any work is 100,000 readers, and 9 million readers pay. In this case, the content payment revenue model is significant. However, I have 1 million readers, but I have only 10,000 people, These writers are suitable for these writers, and a monetization model through ad revenues, character licensing business, and game-like businesses. The PPS has been able to choose and apply a monetization model that matches his work.

As a 1st writer’s revenue, the average of the total writers is not a higher, The question of reporters, said Kim, said Kim, said, The profit of the first writer It is a mean that a new year of the new debut, a new debut, a new debut, a new year. I did not mean the average number of upper writers.

On this day, Naver Webtoon has released a ‘super casting’ project that creates original content as a collaboration with Global Entertainment. The first cooperation partner, which Naver Web Toon said, is the Bulletproof Boys (BTS) agency ‘hive’ and producer ‘DC Comics’.

Kim said, BTS, BTS, who has built a variety of artists such as the Hive, build a worldview, a character to build a character, and produce content that was not existing.

He then emphasized that Superman, Vietnam, including the DC Comics, which holds an IP, which has an IP, he said, he said, Naver WebTun original content will be able to see the moment when the contents of DC comics were first released.

Furthermore, Kim said, also mentioned that Naver Web Tonn has the possibility of using the IP as a game or metabus content.

Kim said, Naver Webtoon has some stake in Naver Metabus platform, he said, Webtoon IP and Metabus are likely to make huge synergies. I explained that the opportunity to meet Webtoon IP through the metabus platform, such as Jeppto, he said.