Bobic about Dardai His emotional outbreak was unnecessary

Fredi Bobic, since June 1 in Berlin in Office, Hertha BSC is to lead to a phase of change and stability after two very expensive and sporty bad years. At construction sites, also homemade, it does not lack the Bundesliga tail light. On Thursday, Bobic spoke in a media round over …

… his transfer balance: We did that what we wanted to do – with conviction. This feeling deadline day, this hype, who has emerged in recent years, you have to steam a little bit, it was safe No easier last day. He was a bit complicated in the way, because we were pretty well prepared, but of course everyone has been waiting for something big. I already had the feeling that we are through and nothing big in the late morning More happened – also from the experience that you have. That one or the other will come in between and may occur again later, is normal. But you only bring players from complete conviction – that you either give us stability and experience who may not have had in the form, or youthfulness, freshness and developmental capacity. That’s the order.

I apologize in all form.

Fredi Bobic

… Herthas Communication Disaster ( The social media department of the club had shown a transfer loading beam on Tuesday on Tuesday, the commitment of Myziane Maolida announced after the morning commitment of Myziane Maolida, without further transfers followed, d. Red. ): We have given a bad picture, that’s the crucial. I take over the complete responsibility for the beam and place me before all employees, that belongs to my tasks. I did not know about it and am not it yesterday was confronted with that. That there was suggested that there is something very big happening, I’m sorry. I apologize in all form. That was never in my sense, suggesting such a thing. I am in the management and must be in the management Put me responsibility. We will definitely discuss some things in the way back, as it sometimes comes to something and why you do things that the sport does not know. That’s why I understand a certain Skepticism or negative thinking about a transfer period for us – if you run very soberly and factually on it – very neatly.

… the departures: We have given players, each of whom has said, they might not wear the jersey as they should carry it, see the last two years.

The entrances: We have brought players who have the experience and give us bridges for one, two years, coupled with young players who like to play for Hertha BSC and with great pleasure here and with a certain euphoria and a certain pride because they see this as a huge chance to develop here and maybe to be able to go to steps. The names may not be so well known, but the well-known names were here two years. Gottetzeichank is now the 1st of September, that’s Hertha BSC, these are our guys now. They have to rare up now, and together we have to get this goal better and win games, tackle. If you have seen my team at Eintracht Frankfurt five years ago: many have the players Not known. They were not over tomorrow superstars today. They have become which.

… the market: It was a lot of air, a lot of speculation, also many things that may be too late, where other clubs who wanted to give the players may also have been classified because they have been waiting for too long , When we got Maolida, I was already very satisfied. He would probably cost twice before. And we also had to pay attention to the economic eighth and how we come through this phase. Here is money around, and I have the pockets full, and we save ourselves to death – that’s nonsense. That’s not correct. The situation is as it is. We are not a club that is just gorge, but nobody just rich. The kingdom we had time.

I’ll come to my final sales at C & A.

Fredi Bobic

… the burdened last minute lending of Milans Samu Castillejo: 3 pm we got the possibility that the player may be on the market. I know the player, we knew the player. I have still informed me over a few personal contacts. We were very fast, but the time has not served because a contract resolution with the other club must have been. Everything must fit, even with the agencies that sit somewhere. These are things that are things Let’s work and do not work. Do not work. A great story became only out of it as it was medial suddenly, that’s already through. Honestly: At 17 o’clock I knew, we never work. I do not find us. There are still things bursting in many clubs in the end. It was the typical usual madness. If I have been listening for four, five years, the deadline day is the big day … I’ll come to me as in the final sale at C & a.

… the lending of Javairo Dilrosun to Girondins Bordeaux: We have finished the lending at night. After it was clear that Castillejo did not come, we have spoken internally about Dilrosun again: Pal, Arne and I (trainer Pal Dardai , Sport director Arne Friedrich, d. Red.). The player really wanted to get away with her head with Hertha. And if you are not with full heart here, you have to move on. The desire all of us, too The fans – have a team who likes to wear the jersey.

… the lending from Dodi Lukebakio to the VfL Wolfsburg ( der VFL has no purchase option, d. Red. ): He has a platform, he can now play Champions League and in higher table regions. He wanted Definitely away, already all the time. We have granted it and wish him all the best.

… Herthas Change: This is a process in all areas of the club. That does not happen from today to tomorrow or by hand hanging. That mistakes happen and we produce mistakes, that’s sad. And we have to turn off it , I go very hard after three months with us very hard in the court that we make mistakes, who just do not look good outside: in communication, in the perception. Because much more is possible. But for a change you have to be ready for a change Working full on the limit in all areas, that will be the crucial. That begins with me. This change must be pure. We have begun that, but it will take time. Error happen, but you can not do too many negligence. That the Club must have another thinking and appearance and should show some strength that we know what we do is very important.

… Pal Dardais Coccite ​​animals with a retreat _ (I’m not hanging on my seat, I’m helping straight out, d. Red.) _ : His emotional outbreak on Sunday was unnecessary. He was not unnecessary Well. He has said that clearly. It is not everything in the best order again, but in order that we work forward from here and do not look back and he no longer lures himself from any questions. The Emotionality must not win the upper hand. We talked very clearly and very clearly, because Sunday came from the cold and was not conducive to Hertha BSC. If you are in the lead, and I said that clearly, you have to say that Act differently and act more positively in the team.

… Dardais sentence, Hertha searching A big coach: Pal has meant that the fans are looking for a big coach. We are looking for a coach. It’s about creating it together. We have on a way defined. We all have to go together. Pal has briefly showed a weakness phase and operated emotionally. He regrets that he has told me. It is important to me. Of course he was nervous because of the transfer market. I told him that the player (myziane Maolida, d. Red.) comes. It was not a simple situation on Sunday, which we could not use at all. We have talked very quickly and very clearly and had a long conversation this morning again , He is now totally happy with the squad. I’ve felt the pressure with him, also because of the transfer market. Since you can also show a human weakness. But one speaks clearly together, and then it goes from there. I want the Positivity and The charisma also see for the future.

Dardais references to psychological blockages of the team because of the difficult last season: It does not bring anything to speak of the past. It’s a mistake. What time was, none. You must think of now. How can you solve problems and explore euphoria in a team and to the team around? That’s the important thing.

… the desire for rest: For me it can always be quiet. But if you come to a club, in which two years has nothing worked, you will not have the rest within two months. I take every shit Glad to me, everything that goes wrong. My back is brutal wide with such stories. But one thing is clear: I am very clear – internally and externally.

… the expectations on the squad and the season: It is possible that we play a stable season when all doing together and is done exactly the right thing and the players are brought together to a unit. Quality, youthfulness, Experience: There is a lot of experience in the squad. I will agree more ESPRIT, more unpredictability, more variability, because the players who play in the offensive games can play different positions. And I expect the automatisms to grab the ball loss better and immediately worked against the ball. For this you need players who not only want to wait, but want to hunt and like to make the meters.

… new access Jurgen Ekkelenkamp: He will help us immediately with his kind, but he will not shoot us right on the Olympus. I have seen many young players who have used four, five months. But that’s normal when you come from another league. Jurgen brings a lot of fun and fun. He brings fresh and technology in and opens up many situations forward, because he rather plays forward as back. And if he loses the ball, he wants actively return it.

Prince is there for the place, but the same way for outside the place there.

Fredi Bobic

… the fitness debate about Kevin-Prince Boateng and Stevan Jovetic: Prince is for the square, but the same way for outside the place. In front of the game against Wolfsburg he has been sprayed in the evening (wares back pain, d. Red.). The question is: If he has to play then? I personally had left him outside. I know that he has tried everything and has given everything for the troupe. And I’m looking forward to whether Stevan Jovetic 90 minutes For his national team against Holland plays, as it seems (montenegro meets on Saturday in the World Cup qualifier on the Netherlands, d. Red.). You can play 90 minutes that know how the ball is running. But it can also be that you are only 60, 30 or 20 minutes in the square. For me, it is crucial what you are out of quality in the time you stand on the square. It is committed to you A bit easy. There are eleven people in the square. And they, the A The course is to tear off.

… the Migrant Jordan Torunarigha: About Jordan was talked about, but it was a lot of talking. I said to him last week: ‘Focusing to Hertha BSC.’

… pressure after the messed season start: Printing you always have in the Bundesliga, from the 1st matchday, everywhere. If you do not get stated, you can not play a Bundesliga. After the first country break, the season is not going on really going on. If we look at the first two games – we did not have to have zero dots. Now we have ended the transfer phase, now is a border break. Since 1.9. The trainer knows: that’s the team, nothing can happen anymore , We are not the evils who want to damage the trainer or the team.

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