Pok mon Go So strong are the new Pok mon Iscalar and Calamanero

On 08 September 2021 Inpokémon Go starts the psycho-spectacle. You will have the opportunity to meet the new Pokémon Iscalar and Calamanero. We looked at what these are for monsters and tell you how strong they will.

What is the psycho-spectacle? This is an event that takes place on the occasion of the current season of the Schabernback. During the psycho-spectacle you can meet in the wilderness and in Raids on Psycho-Pokémon.

In addition, you will then get the access to the next part of the special research misunderstood Schabernback with Hoopa. In addition, Niantic officially announced a release of the two Monster Iscalar and Calamanero.

When will the event take place? The psycho-spectacle starts at 10:00 clock on 08. September and ends on September 13 at 20:00 local time.

iscalar and calamanero – so strong

iscalar: The Pokémon Iscalar is a monster of the type inappropriate and psycho. It comes from the 6th generation and can be further developed to Calamanero. Due to its types, it is particularly weak against attacks of the Beetle type, but also fairy.

You can recognize isCalar at his jealous, blue body. It also has big black eyes and a red hat covered by a transparent hood.

Looking at the values ​​of iScalar with the help of the overview of gampress, then these are rather bad (via gamepress.gg). So it can really convince in the attack nor in defense. Thus, it is unfit for use in RAIDs rather unsuitable and also in the PVP league can not convince it.

Calamanero : The further development of Iscalar, also comes from the 6th generation and is of the type in absolute and psycho. In order to develop it, there should be a special feature next to the 50 required sweets. Due to the first clues from the contribution of Niantic, the community is believed that similar to the Games on the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch the phone must be turned on the head (via NiantiClabs.com).

Externally, the head of this monster resembles that of a bird. Especially the red beak stands out here. The rest of the body is, as seen in the picture, rather darkly held. Conspicuous, however, are the long arms that resemble again.

Also Calamanero is weak due to its type against beetle and fairy attacks. His values ​​are a little better, according to Gampress, than Iscalar, but can not convince for the PVP league and RAID struggles (via gampress.gg). Both the attack, as well as the defense move only on average, which is why there are better attackers. Only in his endurance can it score.

It is worthwhaving Iscalar and Calamanero? The two monsters are newly introduced in Pokémon Go, which is why you should definitely secure you for your Pokédex. For use in RAIDS and the PVP league, you would rather rely on better candidates.

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How do you find the two new monsters to come to the psycho-spectacle? Will you secure you? And what does you suspect which feature has considered Niantic for the development of Calamanero? Write us your opinion here on Meinmmo in the comments.

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