Super Smash Bros Ultimate Director says there is no guarantee He will continue to make games after Ultimate DLC is done

As soon as it’s done, I have absolutely nothing more in the row, says Masahiro Sakurai.

Super Smash Bros. Creator Masahiro Sakurai often said, as long as people demand smash and Nintendo ask him again and again to make more games in the series, he will come back again and again. But apparently there is no guarantee that after his work on the upcoming second row of DLC characters is made for a new game, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is ready and dusted.

Sakurai recently wrote in his Famitsu Column (via Event Hubs) that he has nothing more in the series after the coming DLCs and that it was no guarantee that he will make another game as soon as his current work is completed .

So I deal with every new project with the game development, wrote Sakurai. Honestly, there is no guarantee that I will continue to play. At the moment I only think of the super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC development. As soon as it is done, I have absolutely nothing more in the series.

Sakurai is a person who has developed the reputation to have obsessive attention to detail what he achieved by revising himself so far that he sometimes goes to work with an infusion. So, if there is a person who deserves something (urgently needed) rest, he must be – especially now, where he held at the last mission, who gave him the deceased Satoru Iwata.

Nevertheless, it is highly unlikely that Nintendo never will make one smash game again and again, so we can not say anything safe. Sakurai himself has talked about which future smash games could look like that, and he has suggested that _ultimativ, _ The series could ultimately decide for a change of direction.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate The second Fighter Pack contains six characters and is the final content that the game receives. It should be originally completed by December 2021, but given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic it seems that the time axis may be moved.

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