Part of Overwatch 2 will come early 2022 but only in ESPORTS

For the next Overwatch League EN 2022, an initial version of Overwatch 2. It is used exactly and what it could mean for the overwatch 2 launch, we explain it here at Overwatch League.

What about Electronic Sports and Overwatch 2? According to an official Blizzard statement, there will be an initial version of Overwatch 2 at the next season of the Overwatch League electronic sports event (OWL).

The new OWL season will start in April 2022. From there you can see the first features of Overwatch 2.

What kind of game is overwatch 2? Overwatch 2 is mainly an overwatch successor. But it should also be integrated into the old game.

That means: the big changes of balance and PVP in Overwatch 2 will also be seen in Overwatch 1. In addition, both games share a group of players.

However, a great innovation is the solo campaigns that are supposed to have overwatch 2.

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Will Overwatch2 be launched in 2022?

What could change with the Overwatch 2 game this season? One of the great changes and innovations in overwatch 2 is a controversial feature. Because the size of the game is reduced from 6 against 6 to 5 against 5.

This means that a tank is completely deleted, which makes many tanks players in Overwatch e-Sports fear for their work. It is possible that this innovation will arrive in the new season.

In addition, tanks should no longer be as massive in the future, but become a kind of offensive fighter, that is, types of heroes that can resist more than normal characters and thus accelerate the game.

But it is also not clear if this change will occur in the new season of 2022.

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When will overwatch 2 be launched? Here, too, we barely know anything official. Overwatch 2 was announced during the BLIZCON 2019. But since then it has been quite quiet about the new game and the information has been scarce.

But if the first versions of the successor will be used for electronic sports in 2022, we may experience at least one beta version, if not the release of overwatch 2 during the course of 2022.

We have collected more information about overwatch 2 launch and development status here in an article on the subject of Overwatch League: What about Overwatch 2? The current state.