Crossing Animal Cards are back

While the amiibo line is remembered by the figures for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate., Nintendo has experienced with this concept in the past. An example of this, are the cards of animal crossing . These collection pieces still contain an NFC, but they are products with a different distribution. If you still do not complete your collection, will please you to hear that the great N has planned the reprint of amiibo cards for this month.

Recently it was announced that the first four series of this collection will be once again for sale at the beginning of September, in Target. That’s right, This reprint is only for the United States , although the possibility that this will also happen in other regions is not ruled out. Each package will continue to cost $ 5.99, with five Animal Crossing inhabitants and a special character card.

Along with these packages, will also be on sale, once again, the collection of Sanrio , which offers characters and items inspired by Hello Kitty, Pompumpurin and Cinnamoroll. In this way, you can invite more animals to your community of new horizons, and access the island of Harv.

In related topics, PUMA announces collaboration with animal crossing, and we already know when it will be available. In the same way, this is how Stardew Valley recreated in new horizons.

Via: Nintendo Life