Naver Cafe 24 Reason for Casting ZDNET KORE

CJ The news that the Naver, which mixed with logistics, distribution companies such as Korea and Shinsegae, is the news that this is an e-commerce platform company that invests in a cafe.

The two companies have yet to be “no defined”, but the industry is not a clear answer, but the industry is expected to take advanced to Japan and Southeast Asia, such as Japan and Southeast Asia, with the help of Cafe 24.

Naver, Cafe 24 stake in stake … Cafe 24 “Confirmed”

According to the 10th related industry, Cafe 24 is reported to discuss 20% of stake through new shares to Naver.

Cafe 24 is a report that Naver will conclude a contract that Naver acquires 20% of the company stake to acquire a 20% of the company states, “There is not a variety of consultations, including major business partners and capital exchanges, I was published.

Current Cafe 24 is the largest shareholder, including Lee Chang-gyun (10.73%), Lee Chang-gyun (10.73%), Lee Jae-seok (7.78%), Lee Chang-hoon (6.89%). Naver is not definite how to acquire a cafe 24 stake.

Cafe 24 is an e-commerce platform that helps you easily build a shopping mall. The shopping mall hosting industry is known as an overwhelming first business. The competitors are considered NHN Height and Korea Center Make Shop.

Since its establishment in 1999, the company has started a hosting business since 2002 and started a 2003 e-commerce solution platform service. Everyone is providing a solution that creates a space that can sell products, and has earned revenue by providing the additional services related to the provision of the provision of the provisions. It is a typical B2B business. Currently, one of the one-person founders, has more than 1.8 million customers such as influenza, medium and large companies.

Naver, Cafe 24 Japan, Southeast Asia Infrastructure, etc. Easy to advance to Global

Why are Naver to be interested in this cafe 24? In recent years, Naver has planned to enter the Japanese Emotional market through the Smart Store. Cafe 24 has already entered Japan in 2018 and expanded the market by Vietnam Philippines, and it is expected that the globalization of Domestic Nautical Emperor Devi platform can be easier for domestic native eagerity to cooperate with Naver and Cafe.

Cafe 24 is providing all the services required to operate online businesses such as marketing, logistics, shipping, marketing, from establishing malls in Japan to build shopping malls. Global solutions, products supply and global smart logistics services, inventory management solutions, and global e-commerce market advancement. I introduced a payment code in Japan QR Billing Code, and I also support electronic payment services that are optimized for local payment agencies and systems such as payment fanfare, Zeus, and exhibition.

When Naver and Cafe 24 holds a hand, Naver Smartstore operators can use the infrastructure of the cafe. It is important to bring a variety of sellers to the beginning to expand the business to expand the business, and Naver is already able to take advantage of a 24-year-old call of a cafe that has already done in Japan.

In addition, the liver payment service in line with the lines of the line in the shopping mall made of a cafe 24 can be added as a new payment means.

A platform industry official said, “In the Platform Status of Platform, the merchants will be in one by one, and the cafe 24 is a state that the cafe 24 is to be secured for overseas sellers,” said Cafe 24 and hand in Naver in Naver, There is no reason to do not. “

Naver Smart Store Seller, overseas sales are also easier

In addition, overseas sales of Naver Smartstore sellers can be easier. The cafe 24 is already supporting the construction and operation of overseas shopping malls so that the seller of domestic products can sell goods overseas.

It is also a business that we are doing this company to lower the entrance barrier of the reverse direction market, linking the entire explanation of the reverse direction market, such as advertising and marketing services, logistics and operational agencies for overseas sales channels and overseas consumers. Naver invested in Brandy and has a way to ensure that domestic warehouse sellers are based on Naver Smart Store solutions, with lines and Yahoo Japan.

As a partnership with Cafe 24, which has already built an infrastructure, Naver can easily support the ability to sell the smart store seller not only in Japan, but also in the Southeast Asian market.

“Naver is going to easily secure global purposes through cafe 24,” said Naver is likely to have a global market to secure a global market through a cafe 24, “As such, it seems that it is likely to use this strategy in Korea. I said.