Pro Drinks MyStery Soda While the sponsors retire from the Overwatch League

In the midst of recent disorders, Blizzard employees are not those looking to distance from the gaming society. The sponsors retire from the main Franchise Esports of Blizzard, the Overwatch League, since the news of the trial and the work environment at Blizzard surfaced.

On August 3, there were seven major sponsors of the Overwatch League, including big names such as State Farm, IBM and XFinity. Then, on August 2, T-Mobile withdrew his sponsorship from the Overwatch League. Shortly after, Kellog’s and State Farm confirmed their release with official statements, while XFINITY, T-Mobile and IBM withdrew in silence. On the three remaining sponsors – Teamspeak, XFINITY and COCA-COLA, which are currently re-evaluating their sponsorship – only Teamspeak currently has advertisements in recent broadcasts.

Overwatch League 2021 Season | Countdown Cup Qualifiers | Week 2 Day 2 — West

Even professional players are affected by this sponsorship change – Sado, the main tank infamous for drinking huge coca bottles, was seen drinking a bottle without label of brownish liquid this week. Many fear that sponsorship withdrawals are the last nail in the coffin of the Overwatch League, which planned to implement a “home and outdoors” model before the Pandemic of Covid. In addition, these events coincide with a lack of updates for Overwatch and the absence of any official release date of Overwatch 2.

In the middle of the bad news, the launchers of the Overwatch League say they want to do their best to finish the season. The Jonathan “reinforce” office analyst Larson summarizes the general feeling with his statement: “We still have two months from Overwatch League season 4 and you bet that I will make the most of and try to make a show in Covid for the viewers._ “

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