Hamheung Officer Overwatch 2 Possibility to release early next year

Overwatch 2 was the first public on BlizzChan 2019 and collected a lot of attention, but the schedule has not been established. While many fans waiting for a subsequent release, the overwatch league next year’s overwatch league will proceed to the initial version of the overwatch, and it was possible to release the fact that it was released early next year.

The contents were first reported on the last 3 (local time) and the overseas E Sports Media Dot E-Sports (Dotesports). The medium said that the next season begins in April next year through an overwatch league official spokesman, and this tournament has confirmed that this tournament was held in the second initial build.

About such reports, the Overwatch League John Spector also said. He said on the 4th, and on Twitter, the season will begin in April next year, and it will be a part of the report, while the report will be held in accordance with the time, and will reveal the overall information on the roster configuration and leagues.

As a result of the overwatch 2 initial build, we quoted the Dot E Sports Assistant tweet and referred to as Also THIS. In the early year of the league, it will be in the meantime, which means that the competition will be held at the time of the league. I added weight on.

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Current overwatch 2 release schedule was not officially announced. If the report was true, Overwatch 2 is likely to be released prior to the overwatch league that begins in April. Typically, the E sports leagues and games are done because they go on the synergy effect that attract each other. However, considering that the overwatch league is a recent advertising issue, as partnerships are required to boost their rigs, such as their rigs, such as their rigs are required to leave a large scale, You can not exclude it.

More information on the Overwatch 2 release is expected to be announced through official events such as Blizz Consor.