Overwatch League A first version of Overwatch 2 would start at the next season

We have known for some time that Overwatch 2 launch will have a great impact on the overwatch League . In fact, the second installment of the license and all the changes that accompany it, especially in terms of equilibrium of characters, but also new mpaas implemented in the game, will be used in the competitive scene from next season.

To give professional players time to adapt to this new way of playing, of course, the game has to be released one day. However, the latest information we have had about Overwatch 2 is not that it has been too flattering. Now, recent rumors suggest that the game could be launched in the second quarter of 2022.

And although that does not confirm an official launch, a recent statement from the Vice President of Overwatch ESPORTS, Jon Spector, gives hope to fans. In fact, he said that the plans of the League organizers were to launch the 2022 season for next April:

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That’s not all, since it also received a Tweet de Liz Richardson, a journalist specializing in Overwatch for Dotesports, confirming with pass that the OWL _ will start in an earlier version of Overwatch 2 ._ Although this is good news for all Amateurs but also for professional players, we must bear in mind that this will not be the final version of the game and that it can still suffer many changes before its official launch.

In other words, it does nothing to confirm an exit for 2022 as the rumors say. It is even very possible that be a beta version that will be offered to the players during the second quarter of next year. Either way, we should learn a little more as the fateful date of April 2022 approaches, as Jon Spector points out.

For all those who are directly or indirectly linked to the league, it is a good news to have something similar to a plan for the next season. We remind you that, for example, the teams will only need a tank. From a competitive point of view, such a change significantly alters the way it plays and requires training …