Pok mon Go With this trick you can develop isCalar to Calamanero

InPokémon GO can you take now to the Pokémon Iscalar. But further to make it to Calamanero you have to pay attention to anything. We at MeinMMO looked at how development works and show you.

What’s that Pokémon? In Iscalar is a monster type Unlicht and Psycho. It dates back to the 6th generation and has been available since September 08, 2021 game. In addition, it can develop into Calamanero. We show you how.

Iscalar develop – so it works

Unlike other Pokémon is the development of Iscalar very special. So Niantic had made the first hints already in its announcement that here the usual 50 candies are not sufficient to develop (via pokemongolive.com).

had been the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch player the device upside down, triggering a development Iscalar. This is now similar in Pokémon GO. In addition to the 50 candy you must also rotate the monster and thus your smartphone so.

As you can see in the following YouTube video of M S Gaming BD, can you open to want the first thing the Iscalar that you develop. Following her your smartphone rotates once by 180 °, so that you see everything upside down can. After that you click on the button as usual development. This you will be deducted 50 candies and development to Calamanero is performed.

not turning her your phone upside down, you’ll get a message when you click the button Develop that Iscalar help needed during development.

Sun gets her Iscalar

To Iscalar develop, you need this monster of course and also need an appropriate amount of candy collecting. For this you should therefore start as many. Find is Iscalar since 08 September 2021 Pokémon GO.

It spawns there frequently during the event period for Psycho-spectacle in the wilderness. In addition, you can him in level 1 raid encounter or get it in the special quests for the event. How often and where Iscalar will be available after the end of Psycho-spectacle, is not yet known at the moment. Should this be new information, then you experience it here on MeinMMO.

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How do you find these unusual way Iscalar to develop? And how do you like its development Calamanero? like to send us your views here on MeinMMO in the comments.

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