Far Cry 6 Extensive trailer gives overview of the shooter

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One month before release, Ubisoft fires a long trailer who explains to you what a game is Far Cry 6.

It has become standard with large AAA, especially open-world games, that a trailer seems quite a bit more extensive and gives you an overview of the story and gameplay. So then you should, if you have no previews and other reports through, get a good impression of what awaits you for a kind of game. Exactly such a video has now enabled Ubisoft to Far Cry 6. Fits that has a runtime of more than six minutes and it shows a lot of new scenes from the ego shooter.

On the one hand, the trailer includes excerpts from various intermediate sequences whose peculiarity is that for the first time since the very first Far Cry, you see your main character in them and not everything in ego perspective takes place. On the other hand, there is also a lot of action to admire. In addition, the trailer shows some of the numerous weapons and vehicles that are available to you in Far Cry 6. Animals also play a role. In a scene, you see how the player is attacked by a shark, in another he feeds a pelican.

Only one thing does not offer the video: new information about the game. Yes, not all shown scenes have been to see before, but we can not make up fresh details on Gameplay features or the story of. But well, the waiting time on Far Cry 6 does not fall out. Today in four weeks, on September 7, the title for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One appears.