Naver Zeppeto a meta bus 200 million

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Naver is considered a leader in the domestic platform company, as a leader in representing the metabus industry. ‘Zepeto’ released in 2018 has captured 200 million users around the world. Zeppeto is a plan to build a metaverse world in a direction to coniferate the revenue creation model while strengthening the competitiveness of existing content.

The metaverse (Metaverse) is a synthesis of meta (META) and universe (universe, universe). It is a world that enables people to use virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (A) technology to coexist people with different real space.

Interested in the metaverse industry in Korea and others is increasing. After the proliferation of Corona 19, the non-natural culture is a natural airflow that is caused by the daily life. Recently, Mark Jalkerberg Facebook representative also formulated the plan to formate the plan that transforms my company into a meta bus company for five years.

Zepeto (Zepeto)

Zeppeto is a metabus platform developed by Naver subsidiary Snow (stake 75.46%). Last year, Naver Jet (stake 88.99%) was in charge of the operation after Snow. Group Bulletproof Boys (BTS) Big Hit Entertainment (Hive) and YG, JYP Entertainment, etc. are Naver Jet shareholders.

Entertainment plants were a strategy to capture young fans who have chosen Zephoto. The subscription embroidery of Jephto, where the global market on August 2018, is about 200 million. The feature is that 80% of users are MZ generations. China, Japan, and Japan, including overseas users, account for a proportion of about 90%. There is also a gentle growth curve in the region, including North and Europe.

Artists are unfolding with avatars in Jeppeto. Fans may not be able to answer at any time without wearing a mask without being courteous. Group Black Pink, ITzy also prepared a chapter of fans and communication in the Gepeto world.

How to use · Service

How to use is simple. You can download the Zepeto app and create an avatar after joining. The avatar represents the real world ‘I’ soon. Gem (ZEM) · Coin is a currency in the gem. It is used to decorate an avatar or purchase an item. Cash payments or events can be charged through events.

There are two large services. First, ‘Jeppeto World’ is a kind of playground. The user gathers gathered, or is a space that sends a message, and sends a message. Meetings are also possible. You can facilitate your company’s colleagues without having to visit the office. The limited garden is 12. Chat and voice can be used to feed employees with employees.

Jeppeto Worlden ‘Jump Master’ ‘Garden Wedding’ ‘Han River Park’ (Metabus) The world is unfolded. For example, for example, the Han River Park can walk in Jeppeto. Two million users visited the Meta Bus Plate Han River Park . Jump Master, Garden Wedding used 87 million, respectively, and 2,000 million. You may see the Eiffel Tower (France Paris) right away.

The following are ‘Jephto Studios’, which creates and sell items directly. It is a place to create an avatar costume and get profits. The cumulative subscription embroidery is 700,000, and the release items are about 2 million. A number of creators sold about 25 million items in the studio since last March.


Naver is a policy to put on Jephto. We plan to design business model (BM) that enhances the scope of avatars and builds a win relationship with multiple companies, build a win-win relationship with multiple companies to build a business pie (BM). I will strengthen Jerpoto Meta Bus ecosystem.

Jephto said, We planned to continue to relax in various intellectual property rights (IP) and brand collaboration, such as Jephto World, Studio, etc.), I plan to relax with a variety of intellectual property (IP) and brand collaboration, so that it is robust to the user,

Currently, Jeppto is ▲ Nike ▲ Disney ▲ Christian Diol ▲ Lovu Tang ▲ Share Puma and business items. Hyundai Motor and Samsung Electronics opened the driving zone and Galaxy House, respectively. In the case of luxury brand Gucci, I also promote new products in Zeppeto.

Park Sang-jin Naver Top Financial Officer (CFO) will enhance tools (tools) to enable games, live broadcasts and animation for creators, and will develop a user participating in a user who can experience concerts, karaoke I called.