Pok mon Go Iscalar does not evolve Problems with the Development Trick

In Pokémon GO can now turn Iscalar in Calamanero. For that you need a special trick. But coaches say: Even with the trick, Iscalar not developed. We’ll show you what’s behind it.

What is the problem? If you want to convert Iscalar in Calamanero in Pokémon GO, you must use a special trick development. But even after it has been rotated mobile phone, development does not seem to work for some coaches.

The year of manufacture of your smart phone may have something to do with it. We’ll show you what the community is saying about it.

Issues to develop Iscalar

That’s the plan: For the first time, Pokémon introduced a special development of this type with the launch of Iscalar and Calamanero. Because for the development of Iscalar you have to turn on your phone. The first thing to do is discover this trick.

That’s the problem: Coaches follow the trick and they turn to their mobile phones to develop Iscalar. But according to some coaches on Reddit and Twitter, the trick is not working as planned.

I have turned on automatic rotation and Iscalar still does not develop despite my cell is the reverse. I have enough candy and everything. Help! Call fulfilled Write reddit-22.

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What’s next? Niantic has not commented on the problems. It is very possible they are already working on a solution for devices without gyroscope can carry out the development of Iscalar. If you really want to develop a Iscalar now, but you can not, you can borrow another smartphone.

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