Last chance Far Cry 3 still dust for free

The countdown is running! Ubisoft gives away Far Cry 3 until tomorrow. Those who want to secure the shooter hit should therefore be fast. We show you how you can dust the best Far-Cry part for free.

Far Cry 3 for free: Ubisoft gives away shooter hit

For fans of the Far-Cry series, Ubisoft has a great gift: About the on-site online shop Ubisoft Connect, the publisher is giving away the best part of the shooter series: Far Cry 3 .

The free action is only running until 11 September 2021 at 08:30 . So if you want to grab the now 9 year old ego shooter for free for the PC, should rope.

Far Cry 3 Dusts for free

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On Metacrit, Far Cry 3 cuts significantly better than all predecessors and successors. The metascore is on the PC at 88 points.

Lust on a bit of nostalgia? How well, Far Cry 3 has fallen at that time, we’ll tell you in our video test:

Why is the shooter classic so popular?

With Far Cry 3, Ubisoft then suggested a completely new direction, which the game series still distinguishes today: a large Open World , which is filled with all sorts of different events, quests and hidden secrets, a leveling system Which gives the game a slight role-play character and sometimes kinorolap production in the form of intermediate sequences and action inserts.

Well, according to today’s standards, the game systems sometimes have a bit dusty, fun is Far Cry 3 but still!


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Daniel Hartmann

But something – or better said someone – has the fans very enthusiastic: Vaas Montenegro . The leader of the pirate gang burned due to his character and legendary I have ever told you what the definition of madness is? -S scene literally in the players. Too much we do not want to reveal about the heated antagonists of the game – only in the event that your Far Cry 3 has not yet played.

Far Cry 3 Dusts for free

The fact is: Whoever can win Open World Shooters a little, should catch Cry 3 urgent. And the free action of Ubisoft offers you the perfect occasion.

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