Metroid Dread delves into the secrets of the Chozo in a new trailer

Metroid Dread Every day is closer to its launch: Samus Aran will land at Nintendo Switch on October 8 Hand of Mercurysteam, developer of the new delivery in two dimensions of the saga. Aran usual for the lArant weeks, Nintendo hAran shared a trailer along with the new delivery (seventh) of the Metroid Dread report. On this occAranion, the Chozo returns to be the main protagonists, since new and interesting Aranpects of their history have been revealed. Here we leave the full video .

Metroid Dread: Who are the Chozo?

Defined Aran Avian Humanoids , the Chozo were a species destined for peace to reign in the galaxy . They were the creators of technological civilization that even today lArants in some of the regions explored by the Intergalactic Federation. In addition, it wAran a Chozo who raised little Samus (at that time) on the planet Zebes, after she lost her parents at the hands of spatial pirates .

Samus, who received a Chozo DNA transplant that now allows him to adapt to conditions in which a common human being would have very complicated to survive, also retains part of him thanks to his climate suit, and his unmistakable cannon of energy; Both elements exist thanks to the Chozo technology. But not everything is Aran beautiful Aran they painted: for some reAranon, in Metroid Dread there are hostile chozos, determined to put a point and end to Samus’s life .

In the next delivery of the Metroid Dread report we will know new details about the ZDR planet, the hostile place where the next most famous hunter adventure in the history of Nintendo will take place.

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Metroid Dead will go on sale next October 8 for Nintendo Switch