Metroid Dread Overview

Whether melee counter, the spider magnet or a dramatic soundtrack – Nintendo tries in the open action platform Metroid Dread (from 59.99 € at pre-order) with many different instruments and styles to capture the classic mood of the series. This can be regarded, etc. in the freshly published overview trailer.

In a spherical shape or with an energy beam for moving large blocks, Samus also operates in it. In addition to the associated puzzles, some transforming opponents are presented. The new 2D adventure of heroine will be published on 8 October 2021 for switch and cost 59.99 euros. It is the first (new) 2D metroid adventure for 19 years.

I Didn't Think This Would Work

Metroid Dread closes directly to the events of the 2002 Game Boy Advance Title Metroid Fusion and brings the five-piece saga around Bounty Junior Samus and the metroids to graduate, which in Metroid for NES started. In Metroid Dread, Samus travels to a secluded, mysterious planet alone and is chased by a new, mechanical threat: the E.M.M.I robot.

On the planet ZDR she goes to a mysterious message transmitted to the track, which was transmitted to the Galactic Federation. However, this planet is also full of extraterrestrial life forms of malignant variety and, for all, abounds a mechanical danger. Samus is more agile and skilful than ever But can she take it with the gray from the depths of ZDR?

Once only developed for the removal of DNS, the research robots E.M.M.I. Mighty machines hunting Samus. This leads to threatening, high-voltage situations where Samus needs to avoid them to escape a cruel end and to find a way to be able to turn them off. Find out what these robots has made such a plague and escapes ZDR with life.

Receives new and well-known skills while exploring the many areas of this dangerous world. Overcomes obstacles, slips or rolls through tight corridors, countersignical attacks and struggles your way through the planet. If you return in well-known areas, there are newly preserved abilities to find upgrades, new ways and the next step on your adventure. Explores the extended card, deviates the E.M.M.I. – or destroys them – and overcomes the gray of ZDR.

A new Amiibo for Samus with your Suit from Metroid Dread and an Amiibo for E.M.M.I. are published next to the game. Scans the Samus Amiibo to get an energy tank that fills the energy by 100. In addition, the Amiibo can be scanned once a day to replenish energy. Using the E.M.M.I.-Amiibo, SAMUS receives a Missile + container that increases the capacity by 10 Missiles. If you scan the E.M.M.I.-Amiibo again (once a day), some Missiles will be refilled.