Naver Cacao a contents of a troubled content from overseas markets

Naver, Cacao Webtoon · Web novels have achieved a response from global readers and are running growth. Especially, the two companies are extending the chapter of competition to the global market beyond the domestic market.

Naver, Cacao is a common platform acquisition of platforms and plans to secure intellectual property rights (IP), respectively, and to enter overseas users, respectively.

According to the 13th related industry, Naver, Cacao Webtoon, respectively, on the market, including France and Thailand market, Naver Webtoon is advanced to the rewater French market, followed by the leading place since November last year. In the case of Cacao, the Thai market entry into the Thai market was the most loved Webtoon to be the most loved Webtoon in three months.

Naver ‘Line Mesh’ ‘Line Webtoon’ vs Cacao ‘Pixo’

Currently, Naver is providing webtoon web novel services to more than 100 countries around the world including the US, France, Spain and Mexico. Global monthly user number is 176 million. The transaction is over 800 billion won last year. In 2013, the Line Network , the following year, the United States and Southeast Asian regions, and has been in the United States, and has been firmly positioning in the overseas market.

Cacao was following the next webtoon and then knocked on the Japanese market door late in 2016. I captured a Japanese reader. The vertical scrolled webtoon content and paper cartoons have been digitized by digitizing paper comics. Pixo Corma is preempted by Japanese cartoon app market since July last year. The maximum number of lumen embroidery is 4486 and 186.

[Strategy ① ] Naver Obtaining intellectual property rights, imaging projects, etc.

Naver integrated its subsidiaries related to the webtoon business that was spreading to domestic and Japan, and the United States as the US WebToon entertainment. Our headquartered in Los Angeles (LA), USA. This is the North American web novel platform Wat Pad, recently acquired the largest web novel platform in Korea.

It is also working on local contents excavation. Naver Webtoon is working hard to find a global IP, which builds ‘Canvas’ to cultivate overseas amateur writers, and will often hold a competition. In June last year, the French competition in France is a 100,000 works, from July to the Spanish service competition, which was conducted for 3 months from July, and 4,000 works.

It continues and secures quality IP and grows competitiveness in overseas markets. The foundation was all over. Naver established the Wat Pad video studio and Naver Webtoon, established ‘Wat Pad Webtun Studio’, Webtoon – Web novel – secured growth engines that have made a welfare. Webtoon · Web novel imaging is accelerated and leads to introduce overseas readers.

A total of 180 video IPs will be made this year. Kim Jun-gu Naver Webtoon representative said, After the establishment of Wat Pad Webtoon Studio, we have been receiving many love calls in Hollywood, he said he was scheduled to have a cooperation with a big company.

Kim said he collaborated with Global Entertainment Companies and conducts a super casting project. Recently showed a joint ‘Batman: Wayne Family Adventure’ with DC Comics. Hive and hand, group BTS (bulletproof boys) Webtoon is a policy to make.

[Strategy ②] Cacao Localization work know-how … Full north and Europe

Cacao is a policy that firmly to Pixo and actively utilize Cacao Webtoon to enter North America and European markets. In May, we invested more than W1tri, North America Webtoon, web novel platform Tapas and Radish, respectively. Based on the success know-how of the Japanese market, it is the movement that will expand its business.

The part of the eyes is the differentiated localization of Cacao. Cacao does not leave freelance translators or outsourcing when exporting works on overseas markets, and utilizes the internal translation system in its headquarters and each branch office translation, and local Rise team. Overseas dedicated team workers only 100 people.

Pixo Corma is also working on the optimization of Japanese business-localized relations with Japanese business – local Ryisei team and a progressive relationship to Japan. Considering the emotions and cultures, it will maximize IP value and competitiveness in the global market.

This process was supported by the box office in the Thai market. To stably supply Cacao Webtoon content, we had 25 local translation workforce and localized work. Cacao Webtoon will leave the corporation in Thailand, and will reveal 200 pieces on the 20th year of webtoons on the 20th year of the month.

There were 8500 premium IPs to form a plurality of companies and network networks, and a multi-leading company, and a global content ecosystem that invested a marketing cost of 1.1 trillion won per year, said Kakao. . The creators and Global Readers have provided a bridge.