Overwatch 2 How the Tanks and Healers will work new details about the second installment

The days go by and nothing seems to advance in the Microcosm of Overwatch. After months of radio silence, Activision-Blizzard seems to have realized that it was essential not to let go to the community and reveal a little more about the second installment of the license. Therefore, at the beginning of September, we learned that the Season of Owl 2022 would begin with an early version of the game. Today, there is a little more concrete information about the impact of the different roles in the game.

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It must be said that the gameplay will be considerably different from that of the original game since its format changes to 5v5 . This means that there will be a player less. A player less also implies that there will be a solo paper to play, that of Tank. The time of the composition was finished with two shields. But, specifically, what will be affected by this change?

Tank paper

The main tank will have to play only in Overwatch 2. You will have to assume only the tasks that your paper imposes on you, that is, breaking the enemy lines and protecting your allies in combat . Indeed, this implies that Tank statistics will be adjusted to become much more resistant from an individual point of view. As for the tanks with strong defensive skills, your damage will be improved while your protections will be reduced.

Some players also expressed their fears of assuming this role alone. Actually, who do you care about the player who falls? In a format of 5 against 5, the loss of a single soldier can endanger a complete battle . Therefore, everyone will necessarily have more pressure on their shoulders, and individual performances will have much more weight.

In addition, the tanks that have a shield will receive multiple nerfs and buffs . Therefore, their points of life will be reduced, the time of reuse of its shields will be increased and the duration of its effect will be reduced. As for them, the so-called mobile tanks will win at liberty , oscillating its influence on the game from an offensive or defensive point of view. Great changes are expected!

The support role

No real disorder for healers. Personal care will remain very present . However, they will be adjusted to better adapt to the new passive capabilities. In addition, during the different test phases, it turned out that the healers were often the first in dying. The reason is simple: will no longer focus on two main objectives (the tanks). Some effects, such as Brigitte’s stunning, will still be removed. But in general, you should have the same feeling once in the game.

Where the 5V5 system will have an impact for suppors, it is mostly in terms of its effectiveness in the field. In fact, having to deal with five or four players clearly not the same. Therefore, developers will ensure reduce the care provided so that the combat phases are not too long.

What happens with the rest?

With regard to DPS characters, there is little or no information about them. It is possible that more significant changes are needed to keep Goal 5V5 running without problems, which will surely take some time. What we know about a reliable source for now is that our favorite cowboy will change the surname of it, that’s it. For the rest, we will have to wait until Blizzard decides to give us something to eat.

It is no secret that will take time to adapt to this new way of playing . Players certainly already have found opinions, but we will have to wait for Overwatch 2’s official launch to have a clear idea of ​​the matter.

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