PAPAP 14 Dawn Update completed 50 discount on 30 days

In the ‘Final Fantasy 14’, the ‘Dawn’ update was performed.

V5.0 ‘The Last Large Update of the Black Tribute’ V5.5, v5.5, the new scenario, new major quests, new instance dungeons. First, I revealed a new scenario that deals with the story of the ominous tower of the ‘dawn of the dawn of the’ dawn of the dawn ‘that returned to the primary world. The scenario can be enjoyed through the new major quest ‘Language Travel Road’, and you can enjoy a new instance dungeon ‘Fage’.

In addition, the popular game ‘Near: Automata’ and Collaboration are achieved a lot of popularity in achievement quests, Journal of Darkness, New Scenario and New 24, Union Raid ‘Hope’ Top of Week of Hope: I released it. In addition, New Chronicles Quest ‘Wellrit Military Operations’, new content, Daiamond Weapon Take Operation , Riviere Line Tobulation , Circle Levi Line,

In addition, ‘Changchun athletic meet’ in ‘Issuegard revival’, and expanded to explore free search to the dungeon of level 70. In addition, various updates were conducted, such as adding combat targeting, new housing furniture and ride, and kids added.

Actos Soft shall carry out the ‘custom benefit’ event for the same adventure, which provides a good benefit of commemorating this update. First of all, new users can enjoy free of charge for 60 levels and first expansion packs ‘Changchun’s Issuegard’ without limitation. In addition, only 7 days after the new subscription, only the Honey Bun , the ‘Honey Bun’, ‘Transmission Network Perception’, .

In addition, the new user is sold at a 50% discounted price for new users, and Professional Adsor Rock and ‘Hong Nong’s Adventures’ 70 Level Jumping Item and 80 Level Equipment Set Add further. For return users who purchased a repair product for more than 30 days, pay a ‘free 3-day ticket’ and 80 level equipment set.

FFXIV: Shadowbringers - Death Unto Dawn (Solo Duty)

There was also an event for the entire user. Choose the type of Final Fantasy 14 and proceed in a manner to obtain a specific mission that is fitted to his play style and acquires the prohibition of adventure . With the item ‘Orchestral Music: Neath Dark Waters (Scions & Sinners)’, ‘Calf Leather’ and ‘MGP Platinum Card’ are also exchanged as popular items.

PC MMORPG ‘Final Panel Tazard 14’ V5.5 More detailed information on ‘Samun’ of ‘Samun’ is available on the official website, promotion and events can be found on special pages.