OverVATCH 2 First match will be broadcast live shortly

Showmatch is an Argentine television program, currently transmitted by Channel 13. It changed the comedy show Videomatch in 2004, and also from 2006 has actually created the dance competition Bailando por un Sueño ( Dance for a Desire ), along with comparable competitions such as Cantando por un Sueño ( Singing for a Dream ), Patinando por un Sueño ( Skating for a Dream ), and El Musical de tus Sueños ( The Musical of your Dreams ). In 2009, it provided Grandmother Cuñado ( Big Brother-in-Law ), a parody of the reality program Huge Brother.
Showmatch is one of Argentina’s most-watched programs, and also racked up as the country’s highest-rated TV program in 2010 as well as 2011. It has actually played host to a variety of star visitors from worldwide, consisting of former boxer Mike Tyson as well as footballer Ronaldinho.

Since last May we have not received any new details about the coming hero shooter Overwatch 2 . However, this will already change soon. On Saturday, September 24, 2021 you will be a first showmatch in the new part as part of the Owatch League Grand Finals.

New gameplay and hero signs promised

In the ShowMatch, some Esportler will get the chance to test the part. Accordingly, you should get a good impression of what will be possible in OverVATCH 2 . Furthermore, you will use the preshow and the half-life show of the tournament to give a look at Bastion and Sombra. Both heroes will receive a new look. Who wants to be live, can follow the event via YouTube.

OverVATCH 2 has still not received an official date of publication. However, the developers had already confirmed that one adopted by a 6v6 format and instead will set to 5V5 games. Furthermore, you will add a new game mode called Push and also make playful changes to the well-known heroes.

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As part of the Overwatch League 2022, a former build of OverVATCH 2 is to be used. This should happen from April 2022, which is why you can only speculate when the hero shooter will ultimately get on the market. As soon as further information is to be communicated, we bring you up to date.

Woo Woo Woo Whee Woo Whee!

Group Up With The Overwatch Team On September 25 AS We Reveal New Overwatch 2 updates Live During The @OwatchLeague Grand Finals.

???? ️ sombra and bastion’s reworks
✨ Bastion’s New Look
???? Ow2 Exhibition Match pic.twitter.com/fddohgguna

  • Overwatch (@PlayoverWatch) September 16, 2021

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