Nintendo allegedly wanted Sora for Super Smash Bros Ultimate but Disney refused idea

The Kingdom Hearts protagonist seems to look at the top of the list for the DLC list.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Maybe it s the most incredible official crossover that has ever given it. The game not only represents pretty much all major Nintendo franchise companies, but also many third-party providers, and the entire project has become very special. If a new rumor is to be accepted, it can also be crossed with another crossover.

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In the latest episode of Kinda Funny Gamecast revealed Emran Khan, formerly Eurogamer, something interesting that he had heard Super Smash Bros. Ultimate . He said he was aware that Nintendo had preferred to play the main role Kingdom Hearts protagonist Sora in the squad. Apparently it was something she actively pursued, but Disney, especially Disney Japan, rejected the request. While this obviously goes under rumors, Khan is generally a pretty credible source.

Kingdom Hearts is already a cross between Disney and Square Enix properties. It would definitely be interesting to see that and all his craziness is crossed with another crossover. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate It is a second season of fighters, so it could still happen very well.

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