The Villain of Far Cry 6 Giancarlo Esposito knocks down the theories of popular fans

Diego Antón Pérez (born 18 May 1990) is a Spanish footballer that bets CD San José as an ahead.

Far Cry 6 In his character by Anton Castillo, the dictator of Yaran, Esposito also addressed some of the most popular theories about the main characters of the game, including the way in which certain people relate to the son of Anton, Diego. According to Esposito, at least two of these theories do not have much merit.

The following video shows Esposito by reading the FANs mail, answering questions about FAR Cry 6, and provide more information about the game world. The first question he approached Esposito was in which many people thought when they saw Diego: Is this character really going to far cry 3?

That theory was discredited in more than one sense shortly after we started learning more about the game. On the one hand, there are references made to vane in the game that break the fourth wall and connect this game with past experiences from Far Cry, but without distracting too much. VAAS was also mentioned directly by Antón in the Far Cry 6 prequel from the Far Cry comics series: Rite of Passage , so there is no way you can be Diego. Even so, Esposit addressed the question and knocked down the theory with his own reasoning.

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What more absurd idea, said Esposito. By comparing the President of Yara to the future with a delinquent of little assembly. That man seems taken out from a failed boy band. Diego, on the other hand, has grace, class, strength and intelligence. Everything you need. All the ingredients . of a future villain. You will see .

With the relationship Diego / Vaas unconfirmed some time ago and knocked down now, Esposito had a theory rather than addressing. Some people have suggested that Dani, the protagonist of far Cry 6 who can be a man or a woman, is actually the true father of Diego and is using the revolution to tear down Anton and reconquer Diego. However, if we look at the ages of Diego and Dani, Esposito says that the theory is unlikely.

Dani is too young to have had a son of the age of Diego, said Esposito. So I do not think it s a possibility. And that he even pulls up the idea, and plates a seed, of which Diego is not Anton s son, is disgusting. I can not understand where that came, but it is not true .

Far Cry 6 Releases on October 7, so we ll see if someone s theories really stay.