Huch what does Luigi do Competition stalls Nintendo

As we all know, Luigi is the faithful brother of Nintendos favorite hero Super Mario. And even if the green-dressed plumber contests his own adventure in an offshoot, his appearance in the following game is an absolute surprise.

Luigi hides in old Sega game

Actually, the appearance of Nintendo character Luigi in this game probably never see the public s light, but a recent leak on old Xbox and dreamcast prototypes has rinsed the untypical gastrole now to the surface.

Because then Erzkonfrädrent Sega has just caught the green plumber of Nintendo in a prototype of Sega GT and hidden it in a stretch of racing game. The game was released at the Sega Dreamcast and was also in competition to Sony s Gran Turismo 2.

In this Tweet you see how Luigi beats in the racing game of Sega:

Apparently, the developers of the game were simply allowed to enjoy a fun and Luigi built in a secret race where the Nintendo character was allowed to swing the victory flag happily. This version of the game was probably never determined for a release, as discoverer combylaurent1 suspected. (Source: Kotaku)

Sony is also taken on the shell

The name of the Luigi racetrack bears the name SonyGT2 , which is obviously a reference to Sony s Gran Turismo. Another indication that this is a magnificent developer joke.

The discoverer has always kept the appearance of Luigi for a myth and says the following:

When I discovered Luigi yesterday, I had to laugh loudly. I knew of old developer anecdotes that this type should exist joke. I just never believed that I would encounter in one of my prototypes.

In the nintendo adventure, Luigi mostly takes only a supporting role. His brother, on the other hand, has many successful offshoots:

Sega has ruled out the popular Luigi for a prototype of her racing game Sega GT and used it as a flag finger. The extraordinary appearance of the Nintendo-Character in the competition was actually just a joke among developers who had never been intended for the public. Until now.