The new madness of Peta is to add a bird with pistols to Super Smash Bros to fight for animals

Peta wants to introduce a chicken with pistols as a fighter of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. We could end the news with just that phrase, but better explain correctly the last proposal of Peta. This month, the American Animalist Organization has created a formal request to add to your pet, chicken Not to Nugget , the Nintendo Switch fighting game. The fact that Masahiro Sakurai has reiterated a thousand times that in the game there will only be video game characters does not seem to love them.

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The fact is that Peta has taken advantage of the intrigue that usually surrounds the ads of Super Smash Bros. to introduce his pet as a possible fighter. And while it may seem like a joke of first, the truth is that it is about a real request and have invested a lot of effort in it. In fact, they have even created a web page where they request Sakurai to include the chicken of it in the game.

You will remember the people that the chickens are not Nuggets Peta Not to Nugget will show players from all over the world that crush the species is an objective by which it is worth fighting, he says Peta It could have its own particular scenario, perhaps a farm full of horrible real threats that millions of animals face at this time. And most importantly, I would remember people that chickens are not nuggets . As a good American organization they are, your mascot carries a pistol to fight against animal oppression.

Although it is a stun gun, yes. Do you remember that we have highlighted the effort behind this proposal? Well, it is that Peta, on its website, includes up to a series of possible weapons and objects to add in the game with your fighter chicken. Like Not to Nugget , just like Peta, never stop alerting animal suffering caused by humans, would be an ideal companion for Mario , Pikachu, Kirby and the other heroes on the Super Smash campus Bros. Ultimate, add.

We remind you that tonight a new Nintendo Direct of 40 minutes will be held, and although it is possible that in Him we know the new Fighter of Super Smash Bros., it is unlikely to be this avian warrior. On the Peta side, This is not the first time that the animalist organization focuses on Nintendo s games, nor will it be the last one. Beyond his eternal struggle with Pokémon, Peta organized protests at Animal Crossing last year to ask for the freedom of the animals of the Virtual Museum of the game. And they also published a guide to lead a vegan life at Animal Crossing.