Could Super Smash Bros ultimate Add a character from League of Legends

Could a character of liga of legends, finish being the last DLC fighter in Super smash Bros.ultimate ? Well, it is possible that the idea is not as crazy as it seems. Nintendo is ready to reveal to the final fighter for Super Smash Bros.ultimate at the beginning of next month, on October 5, and it turns out that this date coincides with something important that is happening with liga of legends on the same date.

The SECRET WORLD LEGENDS Starting Experience in 2021

In particular, on October 5 is the same day at which the League of Legends 2021 World Championship starts. This is possibly the largest electronic sports event of the year and coincides with a handful of important activities in the game for legends itself. To see that Nintendo Super Smash Bros.ultimate The presentation that is done on the same day could tell us that both events are related in some way to each other.

Now, if you think this is something that turns out to be a coincidence, Nintendo has shown in the recent history that will reveal new fighters for Super Smash Bros.ultimate in the vicinity of most important events. Only last year minecraft was revealed that Steve will join the game in a presentation that took place near Minecon, which is the largest event of the year dedicated to Minecraft . As such, perhaps the fact that both the League World Championship as this new presentation of SMASH take place on the same day is not a simple coincidence.

Obviously, the great warning that many fans would surely have with this idea of ​​legends crossing towards Super Smash Bros.ultimate is that the game has no history on Nintendo platforms. And while that could be true for the moment, it will not be true for perpetuity. Riot Games has already revealed that it plans to bring the mobile title, league of legends: Wild Rift , Nintendo Switch at some time in the future. With this in mind, maybe Riot Games want to use aplastar as a more extensive way to finally integrate the Nintendo platform.

So, what do you think of this theory? Is there any chance that a jajaja representative could make his way in Super Smash Bros.ultimate ? Let me know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter in @ mooreman12.