In Overwatch 2 Bastion will not be repaired or changed into a tank but

… get a cap!

2021 Overwatch League Grand Finals Started and Blizzard keeps words about Overwatch 2. He promised to throw a handful of information and actually, so it happens. The first fire was hit by the Bastion, which is a robot characteristic for overwatch, which was characterized by the possibility of transition to a stationary mode or accompanying a bird.

Bastion in Overwatch 2, however, will guide serious changes. One of them is to remove the possibility of treatment (fixing), and the second resignation from the change in the mobile tank, as Ulti. Behind you will get a cap as part of changes in the appearance of the character! What, however, from skills?

Treatment will be replaced by a tactical grenade, assigned as an alternative shooting method. The grenade can reflect from the walls, but stick to the substrate or opponents from detonation. The explosion takes place with a delay and evokes the effect of pushing. An interesting change, but its expense of the Bastion will shoot slower – the band describes him now as a pseudo-sniper.

Change between configurations (this option remains) will have a 10-second renewal time, and the transformation itself to another mode will take as much as 8 seconds. Nevertheless, in the mode of watchtower, the bastion will be able to move, only slower. He will also not have to reload, but in exchange his injuries will fall by 40%.

Ulti in turn will not change Bastion in a tank, only artillery. In this mode, we can choose three, any locations that … we will bite. Of course, you will have to decide quickly, because the time limit will apply to choose.

We still do not know the dates of Prime Minister Overwatch 2, but all birds chirp that it will be next year s summer. Someone of you will be tempted in the second half of 2022 for this title of Blizzard, or enough Overwatch 1, because PVE is not your brooch?

Bastion Changes Coming to Overwatch 2

⏩ Move While in Sentry Form
???? New Ultimate: Artillery Strike
???? New Abilites: Tactical Grenade
???? Cap-Tivating New Look
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  • Overwatch (@PlayoverWatch) September 26, 2021