Fighting the special attack 2 hero Reproduction Sending into the cooling the barrier routine mode can be moved

Overwatch professional gaming League ( Overwatch League) finals held yesterday (26) days, released on the same day hack movie role, barriers machine Overwatch 2 Bing updates, and invite players to play the sequel to conduct exhibition Bing updatess.

Yesterday launched OWL finals, the final 4-0 by the Shanghai Dragon Dragon in Atlanta, won the 2021 Overwatch league championship title.

Championship baked at the same time, Overwatch 2 announced the new face barriers to hack shadow with soldiers and machine skills upgrading.

The refurbished shadow hack, hack into cooldown dropped significantly, reduced from the original 8-3 seconds, affect the time for 8 seconds, and can be seen hack into enemies through walls.

In addition, you can now hack into the enemy (a slight current process) in stealth mode, resulting in an additional 50% damage and hack into the enemy.

Not only adjust the general skills, the big move electromagnetic pulse will no longer remove the blue blood, instead resulting in 40% of current health damage to all eat pulse wave opponent.

As barriers machine soldiers, more than a cap shape, major changes in skill mix. The most obvious difference is the removal of self-healing , Wei whistle mode can move, add new skills tactical grenade (Tactical Grenade) and after the renovation of the big move shelling (Artillery Strike).

Tactical grenade hit the walls and other obstacles can rebound, can stick to produce blast damage on the enemy or the floor, and comes with repelling effect. Shelling of tanks to replace the original model that allows soldiers pointing machine barriers facing three places to shoot, there will be a direct hit damage plus 300 points 300 points splash damage.

In addition, the official also invited the players to Los Angeles and Washington Gladiator justice, in Overwatch 2 map Rome to play against each other, further showed off play after the machine soldiers hacked shadow barriers and skills upgrading.


Overwatch 2 is not yet publicly traded date, there is news that might previously missed the 2022 meet with the players, the official news pending the official announcement.

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