Brawllala X Tomb Raider Call

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Brawllala is often considered a kind of super smash bros. Lite, but has its own charming identity. Earlier this month, Brawllala organized his own event for Valentine s Day. While Smash Bros. is known to have options to play as characters from all over the world of play as well as almost all the characters of Fire Emblem, Brawlhalla organizes very similar crossing events, including real people as with their WWE event. Ubisoft continues the trend of high-level guests in their Brawllax X Tomb Raider event, which is currently taking place.

Lara Croft enters the fight. In the gameplay trailer, it is seen using its two emblematic pistols, as well as its bow and a grapple. Its main look looks like its classic blue tank top, braided hair and thigh cases, but there is a secondary skin that is inspired by the reboot series. With the addition of Lara Croft, a new free for all card called Temple Ruins, as well as a new mode called Climb Temple. Temple Climb is a little different from a standard brawllala match in that the camera constantly scrolls up and is likely to leave the fighters behind. The map on the temple theme is also ugly with spike traps to which lara is used.

These are the main additions and features, but like any update of Brawllala, there are also hotfixes and smaller adjustments that you can find in the video of Ubisoft update notes. Brawllala is a free game, available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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Source: YouTube