Far Cry series 9 secrets that only know the fewest

In the Far-Cry series, there are just as many secrets as surrounding balls. Fitting to the release of Far Cry 6 we got the best for you. From dinos to drugs everything is there.

FAR-CRY series: You certainly not knew these 9 secrets

From Far Cry to Far Cry 5 and all spin offs – in the shooter universe there are not only many charismatic villains and beautiful locations, there are also many secrets you can discover.

But do you also know these 9 secrets? We gave ourselves into the depths of the internet and only sought out what is not to beat in curiosity. Just ask how many secrets Far Cry 6 there is still on it.

Dinos, drugs, literature-loving Gangster – now you can see the Far-Cry series with completely different eyes. We are very excited about the release of Far Cry 6, which is to take place on 6 October, and return us as soon as we have discovered all the fascinating secrets there.