Sora is the last fighter who joins Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mumps with the sword key

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – The Last Key (Nintendo Switch)
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As we advance, there has been no much surprise and Sora, from Kingdom Hearts , joins as a fighter at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate , being the last one that will be part of the roster. It was one of the most orders for the fans, as Masahiro Sakurai said in the last Nintendo Direct.

Although as usual, they have played with us making an ember from fire and making us think that it was Dark Souls, finally, after Mario approached that flame has come out Sora, with her brown sword under the attentive look of the rest of the participants .

Sakurai has explained how Sora combat, indicating that he is a stylish fighter whose specialty is air strikes, as he says his own name of him. He will be appearances of several of the infinite deliveries of the Kingdom Hearts saga.

Sora will join the team from next time October 19 , and it looks like a very hard character with which it will be very difficult not to earn games thanks to the numerous skills and possibilities of him. The Sora s candidate pack will have a price of 5.99 euros . Within very little he can be yours and that the fans of the saga finally enjoy.