After 13 years Ubisoft solves old Far Cry

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For 13 years, the fans puzzle whether there is a secret connection between Far Cry and Far Cry 2. Now Ubisoft has confirmed in an interview what many fans suspected.

Far-Cry secret: … or you live as long as you will become evil myself

Far Cry 2, from the year 2008, applies to some fans as underestimated masterpiece. In addition, it has created one of the greatest secrets of the shooter series: Who is the jackal really? The mysterious arms dealer represents the enemy of the second part, which the player should stop, but his exact identity remains unknown.

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For a long time, the fans suspected that Jack Carver hides behind, the protagonist from the very first Far Cry, who is to explore a secret research station on an island and just escapes the whole horror (Source: Reddit). is out of him ultimately a rogue, made from Jack The Jackal ?

In an interview, developer Ubisoft finally creates clarity (Source: IGN): This explains Clint Hocking, Creative Director of Far Cry 2 that corresponds to the theory of truth.

Jack Carver from the original Far Cry was this cracked smuggler gun runner type, says hock. The idea was that [the jackal] he is, only 10 years later or so after he has processed everything he has seen on this island [during the events of Far Cry]. Maybe it was caused by drugs, maybe it s a post-traumatic stress disorder or maybe it s real. But the idea is that he has improved smuggling play a decade later and is involved in this conflict.

The charismatic Far-Cry villains form a special highlight of the shooter series, which also surround many secrets at the same time: so many fans still puzzle, which has become of rogue Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3. If he still lives, he has occurred at all or is he now part of the hero? But while this puzzle remains open, thanks to Ubisoft, at least the secret about the jackal after 13 years could be solved.

It is official: Jack Carver, protagonist from Far Cry, will be in Far Cry 2 to the arms dealer The Schakal . This is reminiscent of the famous Batman movie quote from Harvey Dent from The Dark Knight: Either you die as a hero or lives as long as you will become evil myself. Whether Far Cry 6 and his villain will remain the players in the memory, remains to be seen.