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World of Light Character Locations & Guide - Smash Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Super Smash Bros Ultimate) Open the Fighter, the last special program of the final special program yesterday (5) day, determined by Wang Guo Heart protagonist Sara join row From Sola s announcement, you can see that Marry Ohio is a familiar key to the dark air, open a giant keyhole, officially welcoming Sala to join the big family. In addition to letting players with Sora, Nintendo Star Big Chao Special Edition Producer Sakurang Gongbo also lectured 3 combo COMBO and fire, thunder, ice property, etc. 4 In addition, the scene of the Kingdom s Heart series will also be accompanied by Sola, with the appearance of the fighting stage, let the players enter the special space of Dive to The Heart in the war, and include 9 kingdom BGM. If you have a exclusive BGM Dearly Beloved in the Kingdom s Heart: Mempholic . Sola is scheduled to officially land on Nintendo Star .