Blurred texture error from Far Cry 6 How to fix it

Far Cry 6 Blurred – Far Cry 6 PC seems blurred? Here is how to solve it.

Some players are experiencing blurry and discolored textures at Far Cry 5 pc

Far Cry 6 finally launched on all platforms, and we have to say that the game has managed to get some wonderful criticisms. What includes an 8 of 10 of IGN. But that does not prevent the game from having several errors and failures.

Far Cry 6 is full of errors and failures at this time, and they appear more every hour. Do not get me wrong, it s an incredible game, that s no doubt. But players tend to immerse themselves in the general experience. Not only some specific elements.

Many PC users complain that Far Cry 6 seems to be blurry and faded for them. And the problem does not disappear even with all the video configurations configured in the best possible quality. Check out this publication of a forum user:

Part of the mapping of textures of the game is blurred.

To which another user answered:

The same here and I m really disappointed. Run the game to 4K with HD textures waiting for a beautiful game, but some textures are not only no HD, but they are bad for PlayStation 1! Some examples are the first bulletproof vest you find, the Cayman, the first backpack with the rockets you get.

Now the question is, if maximizing video configuration does not help, then what will it do?

How to fix blurred textures at Far Cry 6

The good news is that there is a solution available for this and many users have shown that it works. To correct blurred textures or graphics, all you need to do is disable HD textures . Oddly, it seems, it is the only solution for this.

I myself tried the solution and I can guarantee that HD textures are causing this error. Let me show you the test.

This image shows Far Cry 6, running in the maximum setting, with HD textures enabled :

And this image shows Far Cry 6 running exactly in the same configuration, but with HD textures disabled :

If you ask me, this is a bit fun. HD textures require additional download of 37 GB and also an additional VRAM. In return, you get blurred graphics. Anyway, it is what it is.

That s all folks!