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One of Far Cry 6 s Wilder Amigos Companies is the impressive and mythical Oluso. But he is not so easy to find like most other Amigos in the game. To find Oluso, you have to go in the three regions of Yara a little looking.

Oluso is one of the stronger companions in the game and stands as such at the top of our ranking of Far Cry 6 Amigos companions of stronger outposts and bases in the game.

In this guide you will learn where to find Oluso in Far Cry 6 and give you the Oluso location so you can track him by completing the Operation Triada Blessings and find all those scattered in Yara triada relic sites.

Far Cry 6 Oluso location

You can find Oluso in Far Cry 6 by completing the Triada Blessings Operation and collecting all three triada relics scattered over Yara. You can see all Triada relic sites here.

After completing the quest, you will receive a number of powerful equipment, including the Oluso Amigo you can add to your Amigos companion list.

This covers the most severely to find Amigo companion in Far Cry 6. For guides like our location in Far Cry 6 Oluso, you should look at our detailed Far Cry 6 complete solution.