2021 Overwatch Contests Season 2 Finals 10 days Busan

Overwatch E Sports 2021 Overwatch Contreters Korea Season 2 (Cost of Contest Korea) The finals will be held at the Busan e-Sports Stadium on the 10th on the 10th.

In the wiring, the defending champion O2 blast and the normal seasonal set of Human Seasons Talon are tailored. The two teams challenge the last line of the year this year to drive the end of this season with the combination of strategic finish and solid weekly lineup. With the strongest talent team, which was evaluated by Big 2, he has not been able to win.

The interest of fans for a long time in a long time exploded. On the 5th, Ticket, which started at 7:30 pm, predated to be a very unchanged popularity for the reported, Situated in 30 seconds. For fans who can not find the fans, Kim Jung-min, Yongbong Hwang Gyu-hyung, Shim Ji-soo, etc. Overwatch E Sports Sign Panel relay will convey the appearance of a living scene.

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Watch the city hall compensation program for fans who failed to book. Overwatch E Sports and Overwatch League Official YouTube Channels Pay Me Container Skin, Winston Contest Skin, according to the final viewing time, the final viewing time. This benefit is provided by summing up the cumulative viewing time of the preceding prior competitions in October. The finals are four leading methods.

The third challenge of the total, and the O2 blast, challenging the two consecutive times, the winning experience in the big tournament. Here s a set of pin , Pin , which extracts Choi Jeong-gi, a pin , which is the core power of the team, and the core power of the team, with the Jeongbin Park Joon Bin, and the key power of the team. Theft, Talon is to make the remedy of the last tournament, and will be asking for a true fishermen to the Dark Hose. The Kelllan Kim Min-jae and the overwhelming tracer player Kim Min-jae and the overwhelming tracer player Hae Sang-jae, who are evaluated from the fans, There is also an interpretation that it is a relieved that the game was hit in the first game,

In Busan E-Sports Stadium Main Stadium, this tournament is held in the cooperation of the Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency, maintaining the social distance in the stadium, maintaining the social distance in the stadium, The total prize money of the Korea Season 2 Competition is $ 175,000 (about $ 260 million in Hanwha).