Halloween Horror returned to Overwatch but do not count on miracles

This time has come for a year when you have to be afraid – Halloween threatening in Overwatch will scare again! Celebrate thanks to weekly awards and return revenge dr. Łomenstein. Play to get Halloween Boxes with Overwatch shops and unlock the frightening decorative elements.

Bastion trumnobot waiting for baston, sent to the enemies to the grave, terrifying ECHMA echo or Brigitte vampires and not only. Every week, new peels are to get. Will you manage to survive the psikuses of enemies and win sweet prizes? Probably yes, because these challenges are not demanding in any way, but the climate must agree.

Revenge dr. Łomenstein is a cooperative PVE mode, added to Overwatch a few years ago, which returns cyclically within Halloween:

Create a team with three other players and defend Adlersbrunn before the fulfillment of terrifying enemies – in the same doctor of Złomenstein, his terrible monstrum and a mysterious conglomeration, bloodthirsty harvester and a witchy witch from the wilderness.

You can check your skills in variations about revenge dr. Łomenstein: missions-challenges. This is basically the same mode, but with modifiers that are more or less affect the gameplay.

When it comes to standard, weekly challenges, the principle is simple. Have fun in a quick game, competition or game salon to unlock graffiti, player portraits and scary skeletons such as skeleton for Genji, Einherjeria for Zarii and clown for hog. The winnings count double. New prizes await every week.

Halloween Groza began on October 12 and will last in Overwatch to November 2.